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This is the current list of features that are planned to be included into future releases of the game. All completed tasks have version number next to them.

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  • Alternative Start Mode
    Player has to pick a starting point on the tile grid.
  • Least Amount of Moves
    System to record and test the least amount of moves to complete a level.
  • Demo Recorder
    Can record and playback game session demo's. Will need a new file format for the demo's to be stored in and will need to be linked / verified to the existing level.
  • WASD + Cursor keys
    Can use various keyboard input layouts to move the player icon around the grid as well as the mouse. Will need to switch in/out keyboard maps.
  • Animated Sprites
    Move the tile system to animated sprites instead of 3d models and shadows for performance reasons. Will need to test first. (Version 1.5)
  • Last Level
    Resume function that takes note of the last level completed in the config file and displays a resume button next to the start button. Only active from the front menu.
  • Points / Bonus System
    Every coloured tile removed from the board is added to a level score. Bonus scores for effective use of special tiles will highlight the possible different solutions of levels and different scores.
  • Completion / Failure screens
    A completion screen of a level will show stats on how well the level was completed. A failure screen of a level will allow the player to reset or skip
  • Normal / hard puzzles
    Split the current level pack into normal / hard puzzles so new players can progress quicker in the game and understand the special tile system easier. Completing the game on normal mode will unlock the editor/file system.
    Hard puzzles will record when unlocked for achivement bonus system
  • Undo Function
    Allow the player to be able to step back and forth through a level. May restrict this to normal mode only, not available on hard mode. This would work perfectly with the demo system. (Joint tasks)
  • Create Story
    May create a storyline to unfold during level completion screens. Not 100% sold on this idea yet, still think the game does not need a story to be fun.
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