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Full credit list for all models, inspirations, help, and support.

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Yuri's Revenge version:
Credit for models (voxels and shapes, and other model-type art) goes to:
raminator for Yuri Submarine in-game dubbed as Piranha (Attack Sub), and Soviet Gehenna Tank
MadHQ for Yuri Aircraft Carrier, Gattling Boat, MasterMind Vessel (old, it's now replaced by tds101's Mastermind Ship), Avenger Bomber, Yuri and Soviet Air Pad, Soviet Neoyak, Allied AAX Prime, Chronofrigate, Soviet Tank Bunker, Yuri Mind Destroyer, Pandemonium Bomber, Yuri War Miner, Allied Nemesis (bomber), Allied Oil Derrick, Yuri Oil Bank (which is based on his own Yuri Refinery unfeatured here) and Magnetic Tower
WeeRaby2k for Depressor, renovated Hind, Allied stolen MiG (Allied MiG), Thorn, Allied Longbow AH
Anthony Pynes for so-called Yuri Wasp Helicopter Transport (or just Wasp)
Sleipnir64 for Repair Ship, restored Allied Mobile Howitzer and Soviet Attack Hovercraft
Lefthand for Giraffe Artillery, Kraken Battleship and Soviet Battle Fortress codenamed Sabertooth
Dethro for Metalman (Volkov), Yuri Ore Refinery, Bio Churner, Soviet Tesla Commander, Yuri Deformed Mutant and Hover MCV
Chrono Loony for Parasite (Air Trooper), and Flamethrower
Xgamer for Allied Advanced Power Plant, and Yuri Mind Obtenebrator
The I Man for Yuri Rottweiler, Soviet Mini Nuclear Reactor, Allied Command HQ and Gun Turret, desert & urban theatre Allied War Factory
Clazzy for Yuri Mind Concentrator
Blade & DeeZire for new Soviet Battle Lab
ArgCmdr for Soviet Officer, Grizzly Bear, Yuri Razor, Slave Gunner, Chaos Bomber and a blue set of buttons for RA2:YR ASM main menu
Me2 for Yuri Raptor Suicide
SSTG for Soviet female Sniper
tds101 for new Yuri Mastermind Ship (Dupl3xxx for the icon)
daTS for Soviet Storm Missile Sub
Ihateharriers for Allied advanced plane called FS Tomcat
justsomeguy for Allied advanced SEAL named Delta Trooper
SaneDisruption for a new paradrop plane
Factionmk for Soviet Oil Derrick and Demodog
Dethro for Soviet Cyberdog (JR007 for enabling the swimming ability)
BrianPrime for a new theatre Soviet Barracks
Dethro & Sleipnir64 & Deezire for a new theatre Soviet War Factory
MooMan65 for lunar theatre Allied War Factory, and desert theatre Allied Ore Refinery
TX1138 for Soviet Tank Destroyer
Windsk for Civilian Tech Machine Parts Shop and additional Civilian Tech Service Depot
Deadalus for Civilian Tech Advanced Power Plant

Credit for soundtracks goes to:
Ixonoclast for Rise of LUs
vefbl4 for Cold Teching

Credit for 2D art, images, etc. goes to:
BrianPrime for a new Soviet sidebar
OmegaBlast for cameos/icons of Gehenna Tank, and Paradrop/Reinforcement(s) Special (/SW)
ArgCmdr & Hunt7s for the icon of (Factionmk's) Demodog, (Dethro & JR007's) Cyberdog
Psycho for the icon of (Dethro's) Tesla Commander and the cameo for a missing icon ;-)
Clazzy for the icon of Grizzly Bear
Lefthand for the new loadscreens for all countries
ArgCmdr for a new icon for Metalman
Medalmonkey for a new icon for Delta Trooper
Tratos for Soviet Gap Generator icon
MMk4C01 for the cameo of Sandbags (which was converted to RA2 palette from Tiberian Dawn's one)

Credit for inspirations or models used in part goes to:
MooMan65's Allied Ore Refinery, on which desert theatre Allied buildings are based
The I Man & CNC Network's Allied War Factory, on which lunar theatre Allied buildings are based
Lefthand's Giraffe Artillery, on which Yuri Battle Fortress codenamed Dicero(s) is based.
Dethro's Yuri Ore Refinery, which other Yuri ore refineries are based on.

Red Alert 2 only version:
MadHQ for Soviet Uranium Tank and Pitbull Light Tank
Holy_Master for Ravager (Tank)
Ronco for Allied and Soviet (Unicorn/Elephant) Heavy Tank

Other credits:
Overgrowth game team and Jeffr for allowing to use their html/css code for the mod description

Disclaimer: public models & models inspired by public models cannot be distributed on webpages unless in a package/download provided by the mod. New models based on other models can't be distributed on webpages without the author's permission, the author whose model was based on.
Open-source mod doesn't mean that you can distribute any of models used on public webpages, and doesn't mean that you can use the models without proper authors' permissions. It only means that the .rar/.exe/.mix (etc.) aren't protected by specific software or encryption, and the mod can be used as a base for your public or private mod, but an appropriate credit list must be preserved and given (in case of a public mod).
Simply said: e.g. Allied Barracks in lunar theatre can be used in various mods, including public and private ones, but the credit (in the mod creditlist) only for the original author must be mentioned, in this case The I Man & CNC Network.
It can't be distributed/uploaded as a single modified model for download in such sites as PPM site, Yuri Argentina, and so on, unless you get permission from the original author - in this example, The I Man & CNC Network. In such case only these authors should be credited, original authors, not the author of the (heavily or slightly) modified model (the model that was based on others' work).
It means that it cannot be distributed on webpages in dummy modpacks either (i.e. a modpack without proper content, but only with new models). :-) It can be distributed only in regular modpacks, be it encrypted or not encrypted ones.

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