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All the most common questions already answered in that compilation !

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Where can I download the game?

IndieDB download page when it will be released. If the server is overloaded (offenly It's because you use a invite account, I strongly recommend you to register, It's a great community)
And sometimes I also provide a mediafire link in the same download page.
Please do not reupload the game anywhere else. I strongly need all the statistics and the control over those, for upgrade & maintenance reasons.

When the game is released?

The game will have a prototype/early/alpha version, whatever is the name you call it, released in

When the online is coming?

As soon as I can, I have to balance the game first which will take several months, along different releases and feedback process, plus, altought online is completely possible in flash,
I would like to challenge myself by recreating the game and doing the online part under unity engine (which is slower in terms of modifications, so I keep flash for fast iteration in a first time).

How to make the game run faster?

On what kind of antiquities are you playing ?!
Anyway, you can still play in a smaller window, and click on the scanlines button to disable special effects (and play the training mode, first thing to do!)
If I do a Unity version of the game (see above answers), this will allow me to give a much more optimized game for graphics cards and mobile (tablet) platforms, but again, it will slow down the speed of the modifications.

What are the platforms I can play on?

Prototype versions are available on Windows, iOS & Android (tablets).

Is the game planned to be released on smartphone / iOS tablets?

Android Tablets are the only mobile version, (I'm testing on a galaxy Tab note 10.1) but Ios might come one day if the game is successful et enough people asks for.
You can still install the .apk android version on mobile (I think) but the screen will be certainly too small and the game really slow (hey, you can try and give me your impression !),
Again, if the game is successful, I might try to make a smartphone (aka little screens) version.
anybody can play the same game but with the design they prefer on their own computer. The goal is really to bring more people with different tastes.

I want to help!

Great, thanks! You can help me as soon as I ask for help in the news for a reason or an other, you can also help to moderate the comments when they're too many on the different social pages by giving advices and provide links pages like that one.

I've seen a bug / I've got feedback!

Please let a message on one of the networks (list in the game's menus). I'm French but I understand English without any problem.

FANDOMS specific questions

When other fandoms such as the Whoniverse or others are planned to be added ?

Same as ever, If the information isn't in the news, It's because I don't have it, no need to ask :).
But you might understand that until the game is well balanced (see answers above) I won't go too much into that.

What fandom will be added ? Can I propose you some ?

Will be said in the news, but you can also check the intention trailer ! More will be certainly added If the game is successful.
And not really need to propose for now, since I already have to add the ones I have in mind.

What are the new creatures of the upcoming fandoms ?

Same answer as above.

Will the new fandom includes new powers and stuff ?

Nope, the point is only to get different fandom *designs* but keeping the same game structure so that online,

Code Lyoko Fandom : Are Dark William, the Kolossus, the Guardian or the sea monsters planned to be added ?

Nope, those would be too hard to implement without ruining the balance of the game.
(but If I'm still trying a good way to add them, as special modes. If I find something, I will tell you, so don't need to ask ;) )

Code Lyoko Fandom : Then why add the marabunta ? She isn't even one of the original xana monsters !

Personal taste. No discussion ^^

Code Lyoko Fandom : Is that better that your previous game, IFSCL ?

They're different, and I'm as dedicated for IFSCL as much as this one, it would be pointless to compare ! Player that didn't like IFSCL could like that one, player that like IFSCL might not like this one, it isn't relevant, these are absolutely not the same kind of games !

Code Lyoko Fandom : Are the Lyokowarriors planned to be added ?

Nope, it's a game about the monsters, the creatures of evil.
But you might be interested in playing to IFSCL, my first game about code lyoko, where you are exclusively on the side of the lyokowarriors.

Thanks for reading ;)
Immudelki Author

If you've not found your answer here or in the last news, please post a comment here so i can add the answer in the FAQ ;)

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