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Summary of the Frequently Asked Questions with detailed answers. Copy of this article included also in the mod package.

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Watch_Dogs Living_City Mod by The Silver


Q: I have a bug with X or a crash when doing Y how can I solve it?
A: First of all try reinstalling my mod "as is" removing any merge or other mod or injectors, then try running the game as administrator, also try lowering your graphic settings.

Q: I've already tried all things mentioned above but the problem is still here, any other suggestion?
A: Try disabling features one by one through the config file, maybe your pc dislikes one of them, and if nothing works backup your current save and try starting a new game.

Q: I wanted uninstall the mod but then I can't re-buy the weapons and I'm stuck with the ones I already have, how can I solve that?
A: Follow the included UNINSTALLATION GUDE carefully ensuring the Limited_Inventory is disabled before removing the "patch" files of the mod.

Q: I have the Bad Blood DLC, can I install this mod anyway?
A: Yes, but it works only when you play the original game, the features of this mod are disabled when you play the Bad Blood DLC to prevent bugs.

Q: I don't like the feature [INSERT FEATURE NAME HERE] can I do something about it?
A: Yes, by editing the configuration file "Living_City_MOD_CONFIG.txt" you can finetune red zones, bonus scripts, Ambush probability and much more.

Q: Why the changes that I've done to the configuration file "Living_City_MOD_CONFIG.txt" doesn't apply ingame?
A: Check that the file is in the right folder, and the values are valid, and the file syntax is untouched, otherwise the mod ignores it (to not break).

Q: I deployed the HUNTER remote sniper turret but I can't see its upgrade prompt, how can I fix it?
A: This is known to happen in some places, simply walk around a bit or re-deploy it somewhere else and it'll show up.

Q: How can I command the bodyguard to go where I want?
A: You can issue this command from his personal camera which you can intrude by holding the hack button on him.

Q: The bodyguard doesn't obey my commands how can I fix that?
A: Sometimes they stop obeying your movement commands but fixes themselves after a while, otherwise simply dismiss and recall him.

Q: My weapon slots defaulted to the Px4, the 416, the SVD and the SG-90 specifically, is this due to the Limited Inventory bonus script?
A: Yes, it limits your inventory to max 1 weapon per slot, and on first launch it obviously finds more than one per slot so it defaults them to a base weapon.

Q: I'm using the Limited_Inventory but once I buy a new weapon I can't buy the previous one anymore, how can I change weapons then?
A: You buy weapons only once at gunshops then the Armory in every hideout holds all your owned weapons and allows you to swap them for free.

Q: Does this mod affect missions?
A: Partially, to prevent bugs and annoyances the Random Events, the Civilian Hacks and the Companion Scripts are not available while playing missions.

Q: Does this mod affect multiplayer?
A: No, all the main features of this mod are not available while doing online activities and vice versa (being invaded/tailed is one of them).

Q: Why I can't be invaded by other players while I'm inside the radius of a Restricted Area?
A: Restricted Areas and multiplayer are incompatible, so invasions are disabled while inside a populated red zone (and red zones are disabled while invaded).

Q: Why I can't find nor access an unlocked interior or custom hideout in my map?
A: Most of them are available only after you've visited them in the vanilla missions, so just continue the main campaign and the other missions (like The Palace).

Q: I see the unlocked interior marker in the map but when I reach it I cannot enter it, why?
A: Just like the Restricted Areas even the Unlocked Interiors disables while doing online activities, so maybe you're not alone now...

Q: Why I can't find all the Fast Travel points that I expect from the attached Fast_Travel.jpg map?
A: The Fast Travel points that you see there unlocks only after you unlock their corresponding ctOS Tower.

Q: How can I identify an event from very far away before starting it?
A: You can check its map marker, every event has its own specific name.

Q: An available event just disappeared in front of my eyes, what happened?
A: Restricted Areas, Random Events and Civilian Hacks gets immediately disabled while you're invaded/tailed, so you might have company now...

Q: Why sometimes it takes several minutes for new events to spawn?
A: Some events doesn't have a map marker, so you might have simply missed some (also the less populated is the area, the less frequent are the events).

Q: It's been really a while and no events are spawning anymore, how can I fix that?
A: Assuming that you're not invaded you can try moving to a more populated area, and if this doesn't fix it just go back to the main menu and reload the game.

Q: Does failing an event cause any negative consequence?
A: No, there's no penalty for failing any of the new activities (Ambush included) so don't worry and just have fun.

Q: I've started an event but I don't wanna continue it, how can I quit it?
A: Press ESC and select "Reload from last autosave" or simply suicide, there's no failure penalty anyway.

Q: Can I select which hack to perform on a civilian?
A: No, the Profiler already highlights the only available hack for the targeted civilian (just like the vanilla game).

Q: It's been a while and I can't see any civilian hack anymore, what's happening?
A: Try going back to main menu and reloading (but remember also that Restricted Areas, Random Events and Civilian Hacks are disabled while invaded/tailed).

Q: Is this mod compatible with that other mod?
A: I don't know, but most likely not, anyway you can follow the Loose_Files quick merge guide and check yourself.


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Smart modder, who includes all readme.txt info stuff in his mod.

Something a lot of modders always neglect.

Cheers for a great mod too !

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