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This was meant to be the script for a cutscene that talks about the formation of the Galactic Terran Alliance. It was eventually cut, because the plot doesn't call for a unified human government to be formed, and it may not have been a good idea to use this blatant reference to the FreeSpace universe.

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The encounter with another sapient species has taken a heavy emotional toll on our otherwise cold civilization. Once again, the human race is on the verge of a new conflict. This time, there aren’t two factions that are about to take up arms to prove their sheer physical dominance or moral superiority.

Our history has revolved around wars, all of which demanded our own blood – our own kind to be slaughtered. We fought two World Wars, both of which ravaged the Earth. It should have ended then and there. When we moved out of our beloved planet, we took our belligerence with us.

Back then, we were fighting against the nature that we damaged, but it is not about healing the wounds we have caused for ourselves anymore. The time has once again come that all humans have found a goal to fight for: survival. Only the preservation of our species is a motivation strong enough that allows us to put aside our differences. The war with this alien race will require cooperation on such a scale that has never been imaginable before. Henceforth, there are no more governments that are guided by their own personal needs. From now on, humanity is under the aegis of a unified government that is responsible for all of us: the Galactic Terran Alliance.
The Galactic Terran Alliance is a milestone in history, but will it live up to its expectations, or will it just be another futile attempt to prevent history from repeating itself? How long after the Terran-Vasudan war will this alliance persist?

Only time will tell, but we may not live long enough to answer these questions.


Well written, if it was meant to be used in a cutscene my expectations on the overall quality of the campaign are quite high.

Really looking forward to DoS. :-)

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