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This is the first article for this mod. I will be talking about release and the features for the first public beta.

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Hello! I am creating a mod for Half-Life 1 that restores some of the cut content and try to make it feel like you are playing the old WON versions. This mod is built on Xash3D since its better than the original Goldsrc engine plus its easier to use. I will be releasing the first public beta shortly. In this public beta, only Day One, Hazard Course and Uplink maps can be played. Attempting to load other maps will not work since i added a mapcheck which will instantly kill you when you spawn. Some of the features include:

1. Added old WON style menu.

2. Added Silencer for Glock ( Secondary Attack Button )

3. Added the TripMine Arming and Placing animations.

4. Re-enabled Shadows ( r_shadows )

5. Restored Gman Running ( Shoot him while he is moving to see him run )

And some more features which you can find out about by reading the readme file I included.

You can check the screenshots i posted to see how the mod is like! I will add more screenshots in the future.

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