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Discovering POTC, and 5 years later, the Build Mod...

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<!-- As soon as Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl hit the big screens, it became my favourite seafaring title for a time.

It was thus without hesitation that I picked up the accompanying game from the nearest computer mall, and had no regrets doing so. I was filled with excitement the moment I stumbled upon a Russian website advertising Sea Dogs 2 about a year before that day, and I thought, wouldn't that make a great movie.

I never knew that the POTC seaborne roleplaying game was actually a rebranded Sea Dogs 2, but I thought the graphical appearance and the game mechanics strangely familiar. I thought the partnership was a perfect one, as well, when I found out the truth; for at least the first half of the POTC movie didn't deal with the supernatural, and unfortunately the game's novelty faded when it forced movie elements into a woefully unprepared environment.

I stopped playing this otherwise excellently immersive work of Russian art for that very reason.

Skip forward six years to 2009 and what do I find! Every single issue I had against the stock game was almost magically remedied. That's how good New Horizons is; and it will keep getting better.

Sure, there are always one or two problems; nothing in life is ever flawless, but if all of us chipped in one tiny bit to make something better, there shall be no doubt of eventual perfection.

Like the ancient pyramids of Egypt, all of New Horizons here is the result of a countless thousand hours of free, honest labour, devoid of dispute and political strife of the real world for we all did and still do what we can for the good of all.

There might have been some painful knocks along the way, and the inevitable consequences of waning interest in a seemingly old and worthless game, but six years after it all began, whomever contributed to this massive endaevour, large or small, need only glance at the mighty machine they have helped put together, and revel in the fruits of their selfless labour...

And that's when I thought... Why don't I put in my own 2 cents?

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