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Indie-game reviewer and enthusiast Chrissy Lowe (WatchONindie) took a first exclusive gameplay review of The Source in February.

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David on Goliath – Indie game “The Source” takes on top dogs in the industry…

…and David might prevail well against Goliath!

Not many small indie projects have the potential and interests within the gaming community that even the ruling giants of the game industry are roused.
But a small indie-developer originated in a small city in germany, just nearby cologne, has set focus on a couple of gaming communities and magazines which are highly following the development status and progress on a game called “The Source”.

Development preview “The Source”

Not yet much details about “The Source” were published to the community interests, but developer yetanotherIndie shared some beautiful screenshots on their twitter account and other communities.
Even with the rising popularity and market potential, yetanotherIndie still continue to keep as much details about “The Source” in secret.

But a truly and well recognized fact about the game: the graphics! Almost realistic graphic design and gameplay mechanics convince that yetanotherIndie must not hide behind some of the bigger publisher or developers of the video game community.
According to their own website and other sources, the project is led by a collective of five heads, some of them also working full-time for big and well-known publishers or developer studios .

“The Source” by yetanotherIndie. Early alpha in-game screenshot

On their blog, yetanotherIndie posted that after some internal interference and re-organizations, their game might be entering a first beta stage build Q2 2016. And the demand on “The Source” currently is enormous and much anticipated by the gamer’s community.

On an earlier interview of yetanotherIndie’s lead-developer, the game is inspired by former real soldiers and their background stories and will have both, a vast and atmospheric singleplayer campaign and different multiplayer modes focused on realistic gameplay.

As announced, “The Source” will be mainly published for PC target-systems running with Windows or Linux, but a possible further release of “The Source” for consoles like Xbox and PlayStation 4 wasn’t denied from yetanotherIndie.

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