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Why bother doing it when there are so many mods with additional units?

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Melee Streltsy is an oxymoron, as "Streltsy" literally means "Shooters" in Russian.

The problem dates back to game's release years ago, but Streltsy remained purely melee units, and that's the case even for Darthmod that I usually play with. So instead of using multiple units mods in addition to Darth's masterpiece, I decided to make a little one that solves this annoyance with Streltsy once and for all.

This little mod uses vanilla textures and animations to give Russia somewhat historically accurate flintlock infantry early game.
It doesn't add a new unit, but replaces the original Gorodskiye Streltsy one, so in a new Grand Campaign you start with these instead of berdiche ones.

The idea is to have a quantity over quality unit that is supposed to force Russian player to westernize and use "regiments of foreign style", as it happened with Peter I.

Large masses, low accuracy and low morale, can't form square or fire by rank. Uses sabres for melee.

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