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This first preview video demonstrates early in-game functionality and shows how the website will interact with the client. The video we are linking can be downloaded in 1080p as well - check the description in the youtube link.

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Here is the first video of our game in progress. This is what we have accomplished after two months in development. When watching this clip keep in mind that this is in the early stage of development and we have a lot of visual techniques yet to implement.

We have two different ships where both are module based and are composed of a hull, turret and thrusters. We also have connection towards our website where users will have their own accounts. Since the ships are module based players can login to their account and change their thrusters, hulls or lasers. When they log back into the game their ship will be updated - which is demonstrated in the video.

The next two months will bring a lot more content and visual candy to our game!


You can also download the clip in 1080p. The file is 118mb and here's the link: Right + click and "Save video as" to download.

More gameplay content will be added shortly!

Take care!

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