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There seems to be a lot of popular content out there on the ModDB download lists, but after checking out various mods, there's barely any useful feedback. Can we do something about it?

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Okay, so... I'm relatively new to this mod developing community. Only yesterday did I upload my first mod for MoWAS ( It surprised me when I saw it had a popularity of 61 out of 24784 on the data base, for it was the first thing I'd ever developed. What also surprised me was that there were absolutely 0 comments on it. Granted, I only uploaded it yesterday, so it's not thaat surprising. But after checking out older and more popular mods, I saw that, if they even had comments, they were rather plain and not really useful as feedback for developing the mod. this will be a rather short article. I only wanted to ask the viewers to give as much feedback as posible to the developers they support and the mods they use. If you can, please check out mine so I can get feedback and keep developing better mods. Have a good day.

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