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Below is the current feature list of Lord of the Dark Castle.

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  • 7 levels, all with their unique environments and graphics.
  • Randomized level builder. Randomization gives each new game a completely new gaming experience, including random monster, treasure and item spawns.
  • Additional "secret mini dungeons" with traps, harder monsters and better rewards.
  • 45 Unique Skills (E.g. First Strike, Charge, Pick Lock, Giant Health, etc)
  • 25 Achievements to be Unlocked, giving permanent rewards.
  • 18 Unique Monsters + Elite versions
  • 15 Unique Weapon types
  • 3 Full Sets of Armor: Cloth / Leather / Plate
  • 2 Jewely Pieces: Ring and Amulet
  • 7 Effects/Spells (Poison, Disease, Fire, Cold, Life Drain, Fear, Web)
  • Enchantments/Spells: Invisibilty, Regeneration, Speed, Freeze Time, Summon, etc...
  • Enchanted items: weapons and armor can be enchanted with skills and spells.
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