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StarCraft: The Falcon Claw Some features of first release.

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-New unit properties. (Marine: HP: 100 - Damage: 12,...)
-New price and time for Upgrades/Research Techs.
-Give 10 levels Upgrades.
-Include Show Weapon: Type, Rate, Range.
-Restore original name of some Units, Weapons,... (Gauss Rifle = C14 Rifle,...)
+Allow multi SCVs build one Buidling.
+Higher unit's armors.
+Blue engines/glows.
+Vulture: Max Spider Mines: 5.
+Reduce Larvas spawn time.
+Wider Creep spread.
+More HP for units.
+Spawn Broodlings: Spawn 4 Broodlings per time. (Broodling's Energy = 200)
+Quick recharge Plasma Shield.
+Double shield amounts.
+Hallucination: Spawn 4 Units per time. (Hallucination Unit's Energy = 150)
+Reaver: Max Hero's Scarab: 20
•Max Interceptors amount: 5 - Upgraded: 10.
•Max Hero's Interceptors: 20.
-Max Supply: 1000.
-Defaut Energy: 125 - Upgraded: 250.
-Mine 10 min/gas per time:
+Mineral Havesting Time: 30 (1.25 sec)
+Gas Havesting Time: 24 (1 sec)
-All race able to enter Nydus Canal
-Reduce exiting transport rate (Cooldown).
-New Unit: Infested Marine.

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