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The German Fronts Mod will include many new features:

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-German language For Your Allies!!!

-New Mission Loadscreens

-Added Russian T-26 Tank

-New realistic DAK and Wehrmarcht skins

-Added M43 Field Cap for Germans

-Added StG-44 ZF

-New Menu Interface

-More AI snipers per level on both sides

-Increased Random Characters Generation

-New pistol Walther P-38

-New Camo (Desert & Europe) for German vehicles

-US 1st Infantry Division In Africa

-New skin for Most of the Weapons

-Mission select UI updated

-New Fallschirmjäger Character

-More Russian Female Snipers

-Added Gewehr-98

-Tiger I For Desert missions

-New COD:WaW Font

-Updated Subtitles

-Realstic Stats for Weapons

-New Soundtrack

-All Nazi banners were replaces

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