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Read here if you want to know all the fine details of the mod and how everything works.

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Unholy Darkness Manual

There are default hotkeys assigned to many but not all of the vampire powers. All powers are in the spell book as well.
V - Toggles Vampirism or mask darkness. When mask
darkness is on, you will pass for a human, and not be able to feed on
sleeping people. Press V to bring out the fangs and feed.
M - Toggles a menu where you can configure various options, and re-bind all the hotkeys to keys of your choice.
O - Scent of Blood
/ - Shroud of Shadows
\ - Mortis Shield
N - Eye of the Hunter (night eye)
P - Vampire Speed
L - Unholy Fury
U - Summon Thrall
] Increase Jump height
[ Decrease Jump height
; Decrease Unholy Fury Power
'Increase Unholy Fury Power (costs more blood)
Some key, somewhere - Terrifying Countenance

Vampire Abilities

Vampires have passive abilities which do not have a spell or usuage
cost, they just exist. Certain abilities are unlocked through feeding or

Feeding. All vampires need to feed or drink blood in
order to maintain their strength and to use their powers. There are
many ways to feed in Unholy Darkness compared to only one way in vanilla
Oblivion. You can feed the old fashioned way by activating sleeping
humans, or you can attempt to force feed on people who are awake by
pressing the G button. If successful you will see a custom animation
play, and gain some hit points immediately from the victim, while
causing massive damage to the target. Force feeding is considered a
violent act so do it with caution. It will increase your vampire bounty.
The player can also feed through dialogue by charming a person to like
them, or once you have fed on someone asleep, sometimes they will yearn
for your bite and you can command them to give you more blood. There is
also a vampiric seduction power which the player can use to lure a
victim into a seductive feed, and finally there are blood potions. Blood
potions are only useful for sustenance, and do not advance the player
in blood points, nor do they give the player daywalking ability; only
fresh human blood can.
Water Breathing. Vampires don't need to breath. They can breath if they want to, but going under water for hours has no ill effects on them.
Fall Damage. Once a vampire is a week old their
bones have strengthened to the point where they no longer take fall
damage from any distance.
Regeneration. Vampires heal much faster than humans
and possess regeneration. Regeneration is greatest at night. Young
vampires may not regenerate at all during the day time.
Immune to disease.Vampires cannot catch normal diseases which plague humans.
Resistant to paralyzation. All vampires have some resistance, but older vampires should never be paralyzed.
Nature of the predator. Vampires are predators and
as such, lower level predators should naturally fear them. Mud crabs,
horses and even wolves might flee a vampire. Fear not, your own horse
should not fear you once you have ridden it. But older vampires are
faster than horses, so riding one will only slow you down.
Vampire Powers
All vampire powers have a cost to use them or cause the player to get
hungry faster. Most are fairly low cost and can stay toggled on without
much to worry about. I've tried to list them in the order they become
available to the player. Powers are unlocked when the player has drank
blood 25 times, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 & 250, or blood points..
Vampire's also have certain powers that unlock at vampire ages. Vampire
ages are 1 through 5, and are unlocked at vampire birth, 1 week old, 3
months old 6 months old, and one year old. Lots of powers grow in power
as well.

Mask Darkness
This power hides your vampire eyes, pale skin, claws and fangs from
view. Use it any time you are near the public eye, for if your vampire
nature is discovered it could cause concerned citizens of Tamriel to
call vampire hunters or alert the attention of the guards. Vampires are
generally attacked on sight, unless they like you a lot. This power is
not available once the player is hungry. Once the player feeds again the
power is usable again. Hotkey is V for Vampire.

Force Feed
Don't like someone? No longer must you wait until the victim is
asleep to feed. Press the G hotkey and drain their blood and health all
at the same time, while adding to your own health! Beware, though,
stronger opponents will throw you back. Sneak + Force feed increases
your chance for success. Sneak + Force feed on someone asleep will drain
them dry and kill them. Force feeding is a violent and evil act so use
it at your own risk. It is ok to use in dungeons though on evil
characters, your vampire bounty will not increase.

Scent of Blood
Use this power to see life forms. As you progress as a vampire you
will naturally see further and further with this power. Default hotkey
is O.

Eye of the Hunter
Vampires can see in the dark easily with this power active (identical to night eye).

Vampire Speed
Use this power to move faster. Vampire speed is a toggle power which
greatly boosts how fast you can move. It adds on top of your existing
speed, so the faster your normal speed is, the faster your overall speed
will be with this power active. Like Scent of Blood, this power
increases as your vampire gains power. Powerful vampires can easily
outrun a black horse.

Vampiric Suggestion
Once a day, a vampire can will a mortal to go to sleep so that the
vampire may feed on the target. No hotkey, just a greater power.

Unholy Fury
This power is most useful for combat. It greatly increases your
thirst, but it also makes you much stronger, more agile, and allows the
player to jump incredible distances. It is so demanding the mask
darkness is automatically removed, so beware of using it, your vampire
bounty is sure to increase, and it drains your blood pool quickly. The
default hotkey is L.

Mortis Shield
A vampire is capable of flexing their muscles at inhuman speeds,
creating tiny vibrations on the skin surface which ultimatey and
effectively helps to deflect or deter incoming blades and blunt objects.
In essense, it hardens the skin to boost the players armor class. This
power increases the players thirst a little, but not nearly as much as
Unholy Fury. The default hotkey is M.
Shroud of Shadows
Vampires can meld with shadows and move silently. When this power is
active a chameleon type effect is added, plus the players sneak ability
is greatly increased. The default hotkey is /.

Vampiric Seduction
Cast this greater power onto others and depending on several factors,
the target might follow you around hoping for a moment of intimacy.
Works on either sex. Once you have them under your command you can speak
to them and offer a kiss and feed through dialogue. After the kiss the
spell wears off and they will go about their business, if they are still
alive that is.

Terrifying Countenance
With this power active nearly anything will fear you and flee.

Vampire Weaknesses

With all those great abilities and powers there has to
be some drawbacks. It is a curse after all. If you are after a mod that
makes you uber with no drawbacks, then you should look for something
else, or get the CS out and change some things. But to me, these
drawbacks help the experience. I have more fun figuring out how to work
around these weaknesses in the game than I do using the powers. Before
you freak out about a weakness, look at it as an opportunity to
overcome. There are ways around all the weaknesses and many of them fade
with aging. Vampires become more powerful as they age contrary to
The sun is probably a new vampires worst enemy. It does
severe damage to new vampires. As you age though, sun damage is reduced,
and after a vampire becomes a week old, as long as they have JUST fed,
they can walk in the daylight for an hour or two. As they age, the time
they can be in the sun increases. Beware though, it can wear off at any
time and they only way to stop sun damage is to get indoors or feed on a
human again. Unholy Darkness has a new kickash sun damage shader and at
25% health or below, a vampire will light on fire. Note that when you
take sun damage your mask darkness is removed. So avoid conversations
with others or even greetings to hide your nature if you are taking sun

I personally find sun damage to be a lot of fun. As a player I like to
push the envelope of what I can get away with. I've had a lot of fun
trying to survive while taking sun damage. But be prepared. First of all
at a low level forget it. But at level 10+ you start to get a fair
amount of hit points, plus with vampiric regeneration you can survive in
the sunlight while taking sun damage for a bit. If you go under water
it reduces sun damage a lot, plus the early morning sun or late
afternoon sun just before dusk isn't near as harsh as prime time 12 noon
sun. Also if its cloudy or raining you can hardly feel it. So under
these conditions, and if fed, I will venture out and not so much fear
the sun damage. If I get caught in the sun, I'll have a LOT of healing
potions handy, and I tend to cast a lot of healing spells, plus run
under water or if another region was raining, I'll turn back that way.
Or just find a peasant and force feed on them real quick and regain your
daywalking power. It will probably kill them, but its them or you. I
play an evil vampire and love every minute of it. They are cattle,
nothing more. And should a guard question my motives for killing
someone, they shall recieve the same fate or worse.
Coffin dependency
Vampires must rest in a coffin or near an urn filled
with special soil which can be purchased from Silian. The older the
vampire the less often they need to sleep in a coffin. Ancient vampires
have mastered their mind and never need to sleep in a coffin. If
vampires do not sleep in coffins, they will hear voices or footsteps, or
halucinate things, and eventually become so distraught with the sound
of footsteps and noises of people talking, that they will lose their
focus and not even be able to swallow all of the blood from their
victims. This makes it impossible for a vampire to become fully fed.
They also become more irritable and their personality becomes irritable,
making it difficult to interact with humans. There are also some minor
weaknesses which come from lack of coffin sleep. Coffins also remove
damaged stats, but may require several nights rest to completely restore
a damaged stat. It just depends how damaged they are.
Weakness to Garlic
Vampires are alergic to garlic. If they are near a
cluster they will smell it right away. If very close to it, they will
start to take some damage and get sick. These clusters can be destroyed
though, simply activate them and click "destroy".
Holy Damage
Vampires are considered evil by the nine divines, and as
such, no vampire can enter a chapel without burning. If you must endure
a quest inside a chapel, take lots of healing potions or wait until
your vampiric regeneration is greater than the damage inflicted.
Weakness to Fire
Vampires have a weakness to fire.
Dead blood
You can feed on the dead using the force feed button,
but if the corpse has been around for a while, you will throw up and
look sickly until you feed from fresh blood, and go into blood cravings.

Console Commands
Vampire speed shader is lagging my computer..
To disable the vampire speed effect if your computer
lags too much, set AAHotKeyCastQuest.DisableVampireSpeedShader to 1 in
the console
I want the maker to leave me alone...
Stopquest aaamakerquest
General Information

Vampires are creatures of the night; unholy abominations who feed on the
living for sustenance. Some vampires try to cling to their humanity
while others may become true monsters. That said, it is ultimately up to
the player to decide how they want to play as a vampire. In general
though, a vampire player should try to maintain secrecy, unless you want
to challenge the world. Break laws, feed on as many people as you want,
turn others into vampires, and do with this mod what you will, but be
prepared for vampire hunters, the imperial legion and even locals
grabbing their torches and pitchforks in an effort to cleanse the world
of your kind, and you in particular.

Vampire bounty - Vampire bounty is what I use to track how much aware
the general public is about the palyer's vampire nature. The more you
are seen as a vampire, the more you feed on people, and other vampire
activities will increase your vampire bounty. If the bounty gets high
enough, vampire hunters can be found. Feeding off of bums and less
important people will generate less bounty, but also the quality of the
blood isn't as good either. The blood of nobility will give your vampire
a stat boost, but beware, noble's have the coin to hire guards should
they find unwanted piercings on their necks too often.


Joel "Madmole" Huenink - Creative design, all world building,
scripting, quest design, special effects, shader graphics, writing,
animation, meshes & textures, character design, production
management, male voice acting.
GURUSR - Advanced scripting, general code management.
Lynne Wurty - Female voice acting.
Sinblood - Sinblood's haven, assets, new furniture and textures.
I can't become a vampire. The maker finds me and gives me the disease, yet I do not transform into a vampire.

I think this is caused by the main vampire script possibly crashing or
locking up. Save your game, reload it and sleep some more, hopefully
you'll see the message dialogues come up.
My blood of the noble wont' go away. We're working on this.
Missing voice acting or mismatched lip sync. Please catch this with a screenshot and email it to me.

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