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List of features of mount and musket battalion. Napoleonic mod for Warband, this list will change as we add more!

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-New models and textures- New hats, uniforms, backpacks, weopons...
-Highres textures
-Highres normalmaps
-New weopons- Houses, walls, fountains, cannons, bridges, fireplaces, fences, trees...
-4 lod stages for each model (so seemless lag free gameplay)
-New animations- Reloading - Firing - Marching- Running - Bayonet - Rapier - Crouching- Idle - death
-New Particle effects- Muzzel flash for cannons, muskets, pistols, rifles-
-Laggfree dense smoke - Realistic smoke- Ground hits for muskets, rifles, pistols, cannons-
-New blood
-Cannons- can destroy buildings, walls, trees, dummys
-Factions - New class selection system, no more buying of weopons! You choose your regiment and then your rank. Ranks: ranker, sergeant, captain - Factions: Prussia, France, united Kingdom
-New weapon stats
-You loose ammo in water
-Models for Napoleon, Wellington, Blucher
-New sounds, muskets, rifles, pistols, cannons, death screams/gurgles...
-New music (Napoleonic era)
-New maps
- New gamemode: Conquest, works like the equivalent gamemode of BF2
-Placeable defences (Chenvaux de Frise)
-Voice Commands
-Weather and time effects
-Mature community- Regular patches
-Dedicated developers
-Regular events
-Massive 222 player servers (as opposed to warbands normal 64)

Planned features:
- Naval Battles
- Musician classes
- New UI
- More maps
- More factions (Major European ones first)
- Real cannon usage (new animations for reloading, and firing, making them difficult)

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