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Overview of the games features including players creating their own classes and the scale of the conflict across the solar system.

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The game is being designed to cater for FPS players who are bored with present day or WWII themed shooters and want to play a game with a new angle. The main features are as follows:

1. Players create their own classes

  • Choice of armoured suits; heavy defence, light stealth, agile jump packs or a versatile standard suit.
  • Choice of weaponry; from pistols to chain guns, grenades to rocket launchers.
  • Choice of support roles; choose to help your friends as a medic, or tell them what to do as a commander. Or choose to bring explosives to the fight as an engineer, or subtly disrupt the enemy as an electronics expert.
  • Choice of vehicles; bikes, buggies, tanks, fighters, bombers and gunships.

2. Fight throughout the solar system

  • Battlegrounds range from twilight of the day/night terminator on Mercury to a frigid penal colony on Pluto.
  • Combat rages around control points that help guide and direct the flow of battle into tactically interesting fire fights.
  • Teams must work together to succeed in capturing or defending these points in order to win.
  • We are aiming to have 64 players in each combat zone.
  • The winners of battles decide on where next to fight; they choose the next map to play in order to eventually fight their enemy in their stronghold.
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