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RPG Maker VX Engine Features

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The<br /< characteristics of the game you can createIf you use this software, you can make a game screen of a resolution, 544x416 pixels, with 32bit colors, 60 frames a second. In the new version, it's possible to move around with transport such as vehicles and vessels. Also "a dash" is equipped as a standard function. The battle scene has become an orthodox front view type. As for details, "UmePlus Gothic" has now been adopted to make the messages clear and easier to read.

Bright colorful and smooth game screens. Distant view is available.

Loop lines are loaded. Moving by transport is now possible.

Status screen with face graphics. Abnormal conditions will be displayed by icons.

Maps with effects become the battle background scenery.

Map<br /< Editor

This editor makes the map which becomes the stage of the game. You can make a map by combining the small parts called "tiles" together. The process is simple. You only choose tiles from the list which is on the left of the editor, and place them on the map. Anyone can make a map like drawing a picture with a graphic tool.

Powered up "Autotile Function" enables you to make map easier

In the new version, the number of "autotiles" which has a function to automatically adjust different boundary lines has been largely increased. Not only on the coasts, as in the previous version, but also on the building walls and roofs, the "autotile" function works and enables you to reduce work a lot. As for special tiles, shadows are automatically added, so you can easily create a solid looking map.

You can easily make this kind of building just by placing the roof and the tiles of the wall.

More quick creation is possible with the Function adjustment

The tile sets are divided into 5 sets. A sets will become the basis, and 4 sets from B to E can be piled upon. You can now pile up the tiles without being aware of the layers as before. Moreover, passing set ups can be created upon the tile palette, so you don't need to open the data base each time. This means you can change your set ups right away, whenever you wish.


Create your main character, skills, magic, items, monsters, all those characters and articles with the data base. General contents are alreadyprepared in the data base, so you don't need to set up things from the very beginning. You can make your original game by just setting up necessary things.

Main items added from "RPG MAKER XP"
Face graphics are now available. Furthermore, you can add your originality by adding options such as Two-sword fencing and Automatic battles.

Now you can edit command names for skills in battles.

As for tool sections, icons are available. And those are not only for items, but also for skills, weapons, protectors and states.

Event editor

Talks with characters, battles with boss characters, treasure boxes with items, all these things which happen in the game are called events. In the RPG MAKER, all these events pile up and make a story. Events can be placed where maps are made, or also during the battles.

Quick Event Creation enables beginners to make events easier

4 events, such as "Transfer" "Door" "Treasure Chest" "Inn" which are often used in the game can be made by simply choosing few graphic items. Chosen events can be used as same as the general events, so you can also customize them freely afterwards. You had to use scripts to make facial graphics in "RPG MAKER XP". Though, in this new version, you can find them within the event commands. This enables game making easier for beginners, too.



Treasure Chest


Other Functions

In the new version, script editors are fully equipped, succeeded by the previous "RPG MAKER XP". Detailed using parts are improved, and became more users friendly. Functions are also fully equipped, by adding "Automatic Dungeon Generator" which will automatically make maze maps. The new version can be called as a compile version of the RPG.

Generate Dungeon
This is a function that automatically draws the dungeon map which is made of rooms and passages by simply choosing the graphics of the dungeon walls and floors. Certainly you can add other things after the map is made. Therefore you don't need to think about the troublesome shape of the dungeons.

Everytime you press the Command button, a different result comes out. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with what you have created, you can recreate it as many times as you like.

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