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Features of Screaming Eagles: Rendezvous With Destiny. Read Full Content. Check this regulary as we will add/change stuff over time!

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Features of Screaming Eagles: Rendezvous With Destiny.

101st airborne Europe's Campaign.
Intelligent AI (WIP)

New Cover System (WIP)

New Weapons:
So far;

Mk.II Fragmentation Grenade (American)

M24 Stick Handgrenade (German)

M1 Garand (.30-06 cal Rifle)
- Mk.II Launcher
- M11 Launcher (Training grenade)
- M9A1 Launcher (High explosive anti-tank grenade)
- M11A3 Launcher (Training grenade)
- M19A1 Launcher (Flare)
- M22 Launcher (Smoke grenade)
- Bajonet

M1A1 Carbine (WIP)

Those are the weapons wich are done/wip many more weapons will come!

New Vehicles:
So far;

1930's MG Six 18-80 Mark II (WIP)

German Tiger I German Heavy Tank (WIP)

German BMW R Series (WIP)
- Sidecart

That is some of the vehicles SERWD will have.

New Weapon Attachements(WIP)

New Campaign(WIP)

Squad Based Multiplayer (WIP)

Different Multiplayer Maps (Most maps aren't edited SP maps) (WIP)

Multiple Multiplayer Game Modes. (WIP)

Kit based Multiplayer. (WIP)

And many more wich is still under discussing.

SERWD needs YOU!
We are very short on Level Designers, Modelers, Textures, Animators etc.
Are you the person we need? Just send a PM to NL--banneboy--NL and show us some of your work.
We will reply as fast as we can!.

- NL--banneboy--NL - Mod Leader/Lead Level Design

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