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Some of the latest features listed might not be included in the latest available version of the mod, but they WILL be in the next one.

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Changes from BF2 Singleplayer & its default settings(I might be forgetting some):

* 63 bots in all maps

* Starting ticket count is the same in all maps (750 for attacking side, 600 for defending side)

* AI fights better & more realistically

* Less stuff in the HUD

* Only 1st & 3rd person views featured when pressing "cycle camera key" from vehicles.

* Player & bots cant exit transport choppers anymore, this was to solve the problem with ai leaving the chopper & letting it crash empty, so now they work more like recon/gunship helis

* Vehicles & emplaced guns now take longer to respawn

* Destroyed vehicles no longer self-explode

* Dropped kits now disappear immediately

* Client files have been restored (I had removed them to save space) & accordingly modded, so the mod´s folder is now bigger, but there´s a chance to include co-op & multiplayer in the future (I don´t know how to yet)

* Dead bodies last longer

* Damage of all non-explosive weapons is more realistic now

* Crouching, going Prone & Standing up speeds reduced

* Jump Height reduced

* Better ai spawning off the squadleader (supposedly)

* New maps

* Attacking side starts with only 1 flag & Defending side with all the others

* Vehicles now spawn only at the main bases, so there are fewer of them

* For the moment, all flags are "cappable"

* Vehicles now belong to their faction even if they are unmanned

* Personalized descriptions for the new maps

* Med-bags & wenches are more realistic now

* You have to get right up to a flag to change it

* All flags are visible on the map

* Vehicles have been re-shuffled a little bit

* A few new skins & static weapons in some of the maps

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