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Brief Feature Log. New Craft Mode Update 8.0 Survival Gauge Last Chance System Classes? Skills? Spawn Locations? Type Weakness? Locations? Leveling? Comrades? Repairs? Armor and Weapon Leveling? Chance at Survival? The Hunger? Wellness? Aggro Z? [Zombie Types? Animals? Loot Containers? Type System? Craft Systems? Breakdown Crafting(Wood into Sticks)? Locations? Chance at Survival? The Hunger?

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  • -New Craft Mode Update 10.0

    This mode allows you to create a destroy items and place items.
    4 Demo Total.
    Final 12 Total Craft-able Houses including Stone, Clay, Wood, Iron..
    more to come..

    Through every Biome there are DoJo's which you can test your skill.
    Defeat the Master of them to acquire legendary skills, Titles and become the leader of that DoJo!

    Sewer(Poison), Desert (Tool and Fire), Grassland (Physical), Snow (Ice and Water), Wasteland (???),

    -Survival Gauge
    Health Meter- 0-125 (When this hits 0 Game over folks...Good thing there is auto save huh?)
    Food Meter- Can reduce stamina if to low.
    Water Meter Can reduce stamina if to low.
    Rest Meter- Can reduce stamina if to low.

    -Last Chance System
    This system is only in effect if you have a team.
    This give you a chance to come back after being Knocked-Out.

    Up to 20 Classes and 30 Titles
    From Bandit, Sorcerer, Sage and Raider. Each of these have its own stats and what skills they use.
    New Clothing and armor that allow you to use skills without learning them as well.

    Every Zombie and Character have Unique skills. Some skills you learn with combat with other monsters and characters. 200+ as of right now!

    -Skill Types
    Basic Skills (Punch)
    Intermediate Skills (Boom of Bow)
    Legendary Skills (Zombie Summoning)

    -Spawn Locations
    This allows you to sleep in beds and set them as re-spawn. (If you die)

    -Type Weakness?
    Ice Different Items, Weapons, Armor, Animals and Z's are different types. So its best to carry one of each type just in case.

    Zombies, Animals, and Drops are all random. Not only this but your loot in houses is random so can't say what types are in which biome. (Thank you sir!)

    Leveling can distinguish which items you can craft how much you get from loots and how great the items are. The rare items ten to show later in Game..(Demo Level up to 25)

    You can get character (up to 3 members total) to join your team through out the game. There are a total of 20 Character. If by chance your comrade dies, they do respond based on "Chance of Survival"!

    Most Weapons and Armor can be either repaired by an NPC in the local safe houses or with Crafting!

    -Armor and Weapon Leveling?
    All armor and Weapons can be upgraded up to 3 Levels increasing random stats. (Life, Attack, Defense..)

    -Chance at Survival?
    The main focus of the game is Chance at Survival. Image you are playing a board game and roll a 2 and flip the card. This is Chance of Survival! With this you may be told that "Bill has been spotted in the Snow biome or Sleeping here has a 30% of death." With knowing this information you can proceed to what you are doing or go another direction. So many possibilities.

    -The Hunger?
    The Hunger is a Chance of Survival possibility and tends to happen at random through out the game. This is when you vision is reduced and Barkors (Boit) Zombies power up stats of other Zombies around them. (This will not end well for you!)

    Wellness included in the Chance of Survival and random event. This will make you character and even members of your party sick, tired or have other illnesses. This will effect attacks, evasiveness and more.

    -Aggro Z
    Aggro Z only come out at Night and come after you(Regardless of Distance away) unlike other Zombies. These Zombies don't use Type which can make then harder to kill as well.

    -5 to 7 Day Hunger Cycles
    Once a week (For a Full day) Hunger mood is on. This only happens outside. This include limited Vision and Aggro Z's. New Day Night Cycles! Day Night Cycle has been Updated with Update 10 to Only have Aggro Nights to once a week!

    More to add later much work shooo..

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