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Ok here we go: This is the first part of features to be available in the first version of the mod!

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The first version of Circle of War will include:
*1) 2 new playable factions: The New Horde and The Ebon Legion
*2) veterancy system for units: if the fighter, spellcaster or "hybrid" of those two manages to survive for certain amount of time he/she/it will be rewarded with special badge, depending on its class. The badge increases the unit's HP, mana, regeneration and damage. Each unit can have maximum of 4 badges.
*3) limit system: each type of unit has it's own limit. For example, you can have only 5 grunts, 5 orc spearthrowers, 3 Tauren warriors etc maximum at the start. But after completing special research from your HQ, you'll increase the limits of all your unit types.
So in short games you'll have only small troops, but in long-lasting games you'll be able to control vast armies of your chosen faction!
*4) revamped armor types and new type of armor - Magic Armor: i've significantly changed the numbers of damage mitigation for all types of armor:
here is the small example:
All units which are unarmored by their look, will have Unarmored type of armor and so on. So only by the look of unit you could determine which armor type it has.
all units with Unarmored type of armor will receive increased damage from all sources of attacks. But they have increased attack speed and Dodge, Parry or Block abilities (depending on equipment)
all units with Magic type of armor will take half damage from Magic and Chaos attack types and spells, but will receive double damage from all physical types of attacks.
and so on!
*5) Siege weapons are more effective! all building have had greatly increased HP and will take only 5% damage from all types of attacks, expect of Siege attack type (100% damage), Magic attack type (25% damage) and Spells (50% damage).
So you'll have to use siege weapons to lay waste on your enemies' base!

*6) Each hero will have total of 7 abilities instead of 4!
Each hero will have 1 starting ability
Each hero will learn 3 (3 ranked abilities) (as always)
Each hero will automatically learn 1 ability at lvl 6
Each hero will gain 2 abilities at lvl 10.

*7) Stat Bonuses for last level skills: each hero will receive +20 to damage for third rank of first spell.
each hero will receive +10 to all stats for third rank of second spell.
each hero will receive +5 to armor for third rank of third spell.

//Note: check screenshots of Thrall's skills for clarification.

*8) Each faction will help a faction-specific artifact available for 1000 10.000 gold. (typo)

*9) All faction can exchange lumber for gold and vice verse from their HQ.

*10) Allied Reinforcements Summon ability for each race: each faction could summon a host of allied faction units to aid them in battle.
for example
The New Horde can use this ability to summon Troll, Ogre, Blood Elf or Forsaken allies (subject to be available in v2.0 not v1.0)

*11) Each race will have 2 types of workers: builders and harvesters. You may summon for free 12 workers from your HQ. But you will have to pay for your builders. And you may have only 2 builders active at a time. (this limit cannot be changed in any way)

and much much more to investigate by yourself!
This is really very big and enjoyable mod, and i hope you'll have alot of fun, playing this with your friends or agains AI. Thanks alot!


Thanx for so fast update :) It'd be really nice to play it!

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Well if this will not die it will be h¨best mod for WC3 ever

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Hellforger Author

this will not die =)
well mainly 'cuz i'm doin it alone, so no one could just "miraculously disappear" from mod team, and cause the mod to be in "waiting" stage and then just die etc. Sayin in short "i promise, i'll at least release the first version". and even if the mod is about to die etc, i'll write my permission so the mod could be picked up by anyone interested and continued in any way. But that's speakin of when the things will turn imba bad. But right everything is ok, so just watch the updates and keep me encouraged by your positive comments XD

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