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Features of Ultima IX: Redemption (will be updated from time to time - new features marked italic):

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(will be updated from time to time - new features marked italic):

- immersive original story (NO Ascension remake)

- NPCs have their schedules (go home at night or in a tavern, go fishing, etc…)

- NPCs are no dull nobodies but have their own story with their individual needs

- master intelligent quests where you have to use all your skills (not only fighting)

- possibility to kill big monsters with brain instead of a weapon (traps, poison,…)

- Quests that are implemented seamless in the story so you might not even notice that you are doing a quest

- several ways to solve a problem

- you don’t have to master the dangers alone: the party is back! (up to 3)

- Party members react according to what you do

- travel around in Britannia with your moonstone

- forge your own weapons and armor

- Buy ships and sail freely in the world or build yourself a small boat if you have the skill to do it.

- buy a house in a place you like

- build furniture for your home or just to sell it

- you have to eat, drink and sleep

- you can build your own tent with a fireplace wherever you want - there you can also cook animals you hunted

- ride and breed horses

- ride a dragon

- you can cook many different meals

- 4 different magic systems

- new skill system (not the Morrowind one)

- the magic carpet is back (if you can find it)

- Over 350 unique, custom scripted NPC's with extensive Dialogue.

- Non linear. Go anywhere. Follow the main storyline at your own pace and piece it together in your order of choosing.

- Will reference and embrace the lore from U1 to U8, including Savage Empires, Serpent Isle and the Underworlds. Loose ends tie up in mostly subtle ways, some major.

- Play as a male or female Avatar. Name your Avatar. Make him or her look exactly how you imagine him/her to look.

- Branching story paths with multiple endings

- Train up your powers with the Titan of Ether skill, as well as learning to re-master the four schools of Pagan magic.

- Eight different magic skills. Titan of Ether, Tempestry, Necromancy, Sorcery,Theurgistry and the Classic Eight Circle Britannian magic, as well as two more secret, unique schools of magic to master.

- Be Britannia's savior and redeem yourself as the Avatar of the eight virtues, or walk a dark path and serve yourself. 2 different game endings.

- A Britannia map four times the size of UA

- Hundreds of side quests and unique locations in the wilderness to explore at your own leisure away from the main story path.

- pray at shrines


by Michikawa:

Embath Abbey
Hope of Rebirth
Descent Into Darkness
Morning Sun
Lone Fox Village
Rainy Day
Village Meeting
Character Creation (U6 remix)
Introduction (U6 remix)
Stones (U6 remix)
Marketplace (U7 remix)

by Chlorthos (remixed by Michikawa):

Serpent's Hold

by Chlorthos:

Main Theme
Alternate Main Theme
Buccaneer's Den
Character Creation
Combat Theme
Companions Theme
Atarkan March
Ship Travel
Stones (U6 remix)
Character Creation 2 (U6 remix)
Serpent's Hold


New Magincia Video (62 MB)


Stones by Dustin Naegel

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