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Mod adds
•Changed engine
-PA uses a hybrid x64 engine - OGSR Engine, the purpose of which is to fix the errors of the original engine, improve, optimize and update the components of the X-ray 1.0 engine

• Added locations
-Locations are now more tree-lined and denser thanks to reduced grass spacing. Increased the density of grass and shrubs. The locations have new caches in the open terrain as a special bonus for attentive players. And other likeness.

•New and improved flora textures
-Changed flora to early summer color mixed late spring with improved textures. Grass, trees, bushes have become more dense and detailed.

•Improved skycubes with weather shaders and improved rainfall.
Skycubes have been replaced with more photorealistic ones with higher quality
textures. The sun and moon were also restored. Precipitation (rain) has been modified. Changed and added new weather shaders that gives the game realism and the effect of immersion in the atmosphere with the help of various effects.

• Completely new interface, thin, PDA with new features
-Completely new interface. ZP-style inventory with new features, such as: new slots for a dosimeter, binoculars, knife, flashlight; the ability to put in 2 slots any type of firearms; Changed completely hud with the addition of hotkey keys; the dialog box has been changed with the ability to conduct a dialogue by pressing certain numbers on the keyboard; The texture of the PDA has been changed and new features have been added such as games, typing in a public channel for money, the ability to take notes, etc.

•Reworked soundtrack, ambient sounds, interface sounds and PDA.
-At the locations there is a new ambient, the number of guitar performances has been increased, a radio has been added to the PDA and sounds have been added in the distance, new sounds Gg and new sounds of walking. Changed sounds: inventory opening, inventory sounds and added new interface and PDA sounds like: item receiving sound, PDA key sounds, sound reverb with working EAX and OpenGL support.

• Significant work with shaders, improved lighting and new graphics options
-Added full renders DX9.5(R2), DX10, DX11(R3) and removed static render(R1). Globally redesigned lighting. New graphical options like: SSAO, new water, soft particles, grass shadow, correct shadows on objects, first person protagonist shadow, raindrops on glass, sunbeams in several types, wet surfaces and dynamic objects, correct vert. sync and more.

• Updated weapons
-Original weapons have been upgraded to higher quality ones. Implemented full and incomplete reload animation, added weapon inertia and movement animation. New shooting sounds and more realistic performance characteristics with new shooting effects.

•New NPC animations
-Added new and reworked old NPC animations. NPC death animations, reloading for assault rifles and bull-aaps are now on the right, running animations have been fixed, all animations of firearms have been redone to match the special forces style, aiming animations, idle animations, new GG animations from the second person, etc. have been changed.


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