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All you need to know about some of the features. Everything that is here is what i want to be done i just need a good team.

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I want this mod to let you to be able to play as all three chars..being a Marine, Pedator or a Alien and you will have to learn to use there skills to fight other opponents. This will be my story of what happens after Avp2 basically my version of Avp3 and how it starts off that when the marines left once they blew the facility infested with aliens to hell and they got away on there ship..well one of the praetorian eggs was being held on there in the cargo and when they leave the men on the ship are getting killed one by one.until the pilot is slaughtered the ship thne crashed on a unknown planet..and the only survivor is harrison who was followed to the planet by the stalking predators...

.New Characters
.New menus
.New SP missions
.New MP gameplay
.New Weapons
.New sounds
.New Story
.New creatures

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