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All features summed up for the latest release (1.1) of SWOF

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- Ion Cannon
- Nukes
- UAV black hole (ball of death)
- Gatling shotguns
- New level: Gulf of Oman Desert Nuke
- A lot of fire weapons
- Heat-seeking airplanes
- Jetpack
- Weird pistols (shoot people away)
- Kamikazes
- Vehicles have new skins
- Shoop Da Whoop - Tank
- Firetanks
- Force weapons and grenades
- Burn grenades
- Flying C4
- Timebomb
- Claymore soldier catcher (ball with soldier flying up)
- Bodyseeker
- A lot of cool effects including nuke (shockwave)
- Multi-barrel mec and ch artillery
- Soldier targeting handheld weapons
- Mec burning zombie soldiers
- Nuke mine
- dg5 paralizing and reviving pistol (smoke heals)
- All vehicles have unique projectiles and abilities
- Vehicle strength is in comparison with soldiers even.
- Even with a lot of effects still no lag!
- Destroyable Nuclear Powerplant (dalian plant)
- Singleplayer configuration program with various settings

Have fun trying out all weapons and vehicles =D

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