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Features introduction of 12TH MOD. Players please read this to get a general impression of this MOD. This mod require Warband version 1.170 or above.

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1.Special recruit mode
Player must be a vassal of a faction to recruit its units of castles and towns.
Player can recruit village units from beginning.
Special elite units: Player can use exploits to exchange special faction units from certain lords if the player is a vassal of their faction and have relationship of 40 or higher with them. Player can also exchange powerful unique troops from companions after making them vassals.
Player can recruit special troops from arena master in Lin’an after gaining 40 or higher relationship with Zhao Gou.
Mercenaries vary depending on the region.
2.Pass system
Factions have border and territorial control.
Every faction has border fortresses which act as pass. If the player party has 20 or more units, the party would not be able to pass the fortress. So the player then has to either siege the pass or leave. AI can only go through a pass if their force is much stronger than the garrison of the pass.
3.Supply system
AI army have 7 days of supplies while in foreign territories. If the army doesn’t return to its own territory to resupply, it would lose units due to desertion and starvation.
4.Exploit system
Player gain exploit points with a faction while fighting for them. Player have to gain more than 1000 exploit points as a mercenary to be able to join a faction.
5.Faction rank system
Every faction has ranks which give the player faction rewards, salary and benefits. Rank 1-5 only require exploits, rank 6-8 require both exploit points and the support of other vassals of the faction. (Ask the faction leader to promote you after you gain enough exploit points)
6.Trading system
Trading Items and their price may vary depending on the region. Different regions produced different goods historically.
7.Companion location
Companions are no longer stuck in taverns. Now they can be at any places, sometimes even hidden.
8.Fleeing troops
Fleeing troops may abandon their armors and weapons while running away. The player can do the same by pressing 'k'. And player helmet may drop if attacked multiple times in battle. Related settings can be adjusted by press F8.
9.'Horse Scout'
As a vassal of Song, player can only recruit song cavalry recruits aka 'horse scout' if they have horses of tier 2 in inventory; one horse for one recruit.
10.Diplomacy system
Factions may become allies depending on regional situation.(Unavailable for player temporarily)
11.Diplomacy consultant
Press F1 to view the economical and military power of every faction.
12.Lord management consultant
Press F2 to view the relationship between known lords, their location, their wealth and reputation.
13.Ranking list
Press F5 to view the ranking list of cities by city wealth, lord wealth and lord reputation
14.Troop tree
Press F6 to view the troop trees of factions and their faction emblem.
15.Simple big map
F7 shows the big map.
16.Advanced horse archer AI
When ordered to charge, the horse archers will keep harassing enemies within shooting range and retreat if enemy units close in. While retreat, the horse archers would spread out and divide force to minimize enemy fire damage.
17.Advanced pikeman AI
Pikeman no longer stab blindly but would calculate the distance between the enemy and their effective weapon reach.
18.Advanced melee cavalry AI
Melee cavalry will prioritize targeting ranged units and infantry.
Melee cavalry would reform and charge again after a charge.
While charging, AI cavalry would jump to avoid hazard like pikes.
Cavalry charge is extremely powerful but not invincible. As their horse would be damaged with each charge against solid objects.
The damage done to a horse due to charge is dependent on the barding of the horse.
Double press W to perform a charge while mounted or on foot. Please be reminded that you would fatigue after charge
20.Special items
Special legendary items may be acquired after battle. The chance depends on the battle difficulty.
21.Reclamation of Yan-Yun region
After Song reclaims Yanjing, certain numbers of Yan-Yun cavalry will join lords’ army. Player can recruit them from taverns.
22.Special Quests
The player has to finish a special quest to recruit Xue Gang in Lin’an. He would make a personalized armor for the player.
Bai Hui has a special bow quest, player can only initialize the quest by having more than 1000 reputation and 20 honor.
23.Famous city system
Famous cities now have their own special siege model.
Charge blindly during a siege would cause heavy casualty.
24.Culture system
All factions are now divided into three culture circles: Western (European), Eastern (Sino), Middle East(Islamic). A lord would not defect to a faction from different culture.
25.Enhanced skill system
‘Steel Bones’ - player/lord/companion with high iron flesh may only take half of the damage from an attack.
‘Fatal Strike’ - player/lord/companion with high weapon proficiency and agility may deal double damage in an attack.
‘Immortal’ - player/lord/companion with high iron flesh and wound treatment would recover hit point every 60 seconds by default. The higher their iron flesh is, the more hit points are recovered each time. The higher their wound treatment is, the shorter the cool down would be.
‘Master Logistic’ - player recover ammunition every 180 seconds by default. The higher their inventory management is, the shorter the cool down.
‘Learner’ - before reaching lv20, player/companion with high intelligence may earn extra weapon proficiency with each strike. After lv20, the higher player/companion’s weapon proficiency is, the harder to earn extra proficiency in that category.
‘Horse Master’ - The duration of charge can be extended by player’s riding skill.
Right click on a city to show slave trader.
26.Interaction in taverns
There are more variety in tavern patrons. The player can acquire known companion location by taking to the tavern master.
Also the player may buy everyone in the party a drink to improve morale.
You need to actually find the mayor in the city when you never met them before.
28.Faction Introduction
There are background introduction for each faction.
29.Race System
Depending on your location of birth, you would have appearance, haircut and height corresponding to the ethnic groups in that region.
Player can control one of their troop after they are down.
31.Ghulam system
Turkic factions can turn prisoners into ghulam. This system is restricted to following factions: Khwarazm, Zangid, Sultanate of Rum, Seljuk and Ghaznavid. Player could gain the same ability permanently after reaching rank 8 of Khwarazm, Sultanate of Rum and Ghaznavid.
32.Prisoner rebellion
The prisoners may rebel if the party is outnumbered by the prisoners.
33.Random events
Random events happens. Good or bad.
34.New Factions
7 Factions added.
Factions now: Crusader Kingdoms, Byzantine Empire, Hungary Kingdom, Kievan Rus, Seljuk Dynasty, Fatimid Caliphate, Qara Khitai, Mongolian tribes, Xia Empire, Jin Empire, Song Dynasty, Khwarazmian Dynasty, Dali Kingdom, Tibetan Kingdom , Ladakh Kingdom, Guge Kingdom, Sultanate of Rum, Sulalah Zangid, Ghaznavid Dynasty.
35.A large amount of east models added.
A large amount of siege scene and east tavern scene added.
A large amount of weapons and horse models added.
Tibet,Dali equipment added.
New illustrations.
New mosque models added.
New big map icons added.
New UI.
New big map.
Mounted polearm animation fixed.
Some central Asian models replaced.
Replaced most crusader state models.
All troop tree remade.
7 new lords of Jin added.
3 new companions.
Central Asian and European troops buffed.
36.Upstanding and good-natured lords would no longer pillage villages.
37.Character age with time passing.
38.More battlefield sound effects.
39.Player keep their equipment in the arena.
40.Faction Wealth
Every faction has their own wealth, this is generated by taxes, trading and pillage. Factions recruit and upgrade their troops with their wealth. A faction is weaken if its wealth is low.
41.The player can improve party morale by giving troops extra money.
42.Backlog of player battle results
43.Factions only declare war on their neighboring factions.
44.AI may try to recruit prisoners..
45.View mod setting by pressing F8.
46.Prisoners can be handed to town mayors for reward and exploits if they are of the same faction as the player.
47.Press H to call your horse.
48.Party of famous general now gain buff in auto battle.
49.More color to choose for player’s own faction.
50.Fiefs with owner can be reassigned by player as a king.
51.Armor penetration system is introduced for bow and crossbow shooting.
52.Many more features and improvements waiting for your dicovery.


Amazing mod ..but can anyone tell me where to find companions.IS THERE any Npcs telling you where do they located at..or you have to search walking inside towns.
Thnx in advance

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GOSH the mod needs a lot of work.. I had a bad first time playing the mod... not sure if bad luck or game is not ready.

coukldnt find looters and raiding the enemies plots of land gave me nothing... :/

then some reason the raiders that were assaulting a random village were OP! horse archers and undying heavy infantry. lost it. then after my party and me! were low morale.. I was shocked I lost a easy battle... then all of a sudden something caught my eye in the left side of the screen... a rushing speed of 1000 MPH FALLEN CRUSADERS party double my size... comes and massacres me and emprisons me and takes my wine I had to deliver over to some tarkan place... I rage quit and deleted the mod. :/ fix those fallen knights or crusaders. they were fast!

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Warbandda mod yapıyorumda sizin moddaki çadırları kendi modumda kullanabilirmiyim
osp olarak

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