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This is the current features list. I used a lot of standalones or files from very good mods like OGSE, Autumn Aurora...

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Based on:

  • Zone Reclamation Project 1.05 R10 by Natvac
  • Redux 1.02 FULL by Redux Team: Solecist, Frosty28, Gohda, Melodic, Victim (French version by Johnnythewolf)


  • Dynamic Shaders 1.1 Beta with Patch 1 and 2 by Meltac
  • Level details textures (grass) from Lost World Condemned by Irbis
  • Dynamic campfire mod 1.32 by kstn
  • SWO weather mod by Trojanuch
  • Textures from Autumn Aurora by Vandrerer
  • Change binocular hud (unknow author)


  • ABC - Sleeping Bag Mod by Speed aka LW
  • Faction Change And Reset 1.1 by Atrocious
  • Real Artifacts Activation In Fps by cOldSnake
  • Petrenko's Workshop by BobBQ
  • Mosin Nagent for Oblivion Lost v2.1.1 by Lucian04
  • Rat from OGSE by OGSE Team


  • AI PACK by xStream
  • AI Additions by Rulix aka Bak
  • Respawn Population Management v1.0 by NatVac
  • Iwer's un_life mod
  • Ecologist Faction v2 by EggChen
  • Sin Faction based on old gsc archive and meshes/textures *
  • Dark Stalker Faction based on old gsc archive and meshes/textures *

Olds features:

  • Original Crow model made by GSC to be killable
  • Chimera
  • Ameba anomalies (hvatalka )
  • Cat
  • TOZ34


  • Rework spawn and aimap in vanilla levels (as example, you could see Dolg sniper on the roof of the arena in Bar) *
  • Change mutants/npc/actor relationship, specially for Sin and Dark Stalker factions *

* my own features or rework features

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