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A list detailing many of the changes made in this mod.

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This mod will work with any map (single or multiplayer) that was built for the original game (NSA vs Viron). Depending on how they were set up, it may or may not be compatible with homebrew custom Terran maps. My goal in building this mod was to let anybody with just a patched original game play as any faction.

Campaign Changes
If you decide to play the campaign as the Terrans you'll find a lot of the visuals are completely different. The characters have been switched with Terran ones, the unit set is now completely Terran and the AI-controlled Terran units now appear as NSA. Its also been left to the player's choice to deploy Terran or Viron units during the Viron campaign. Even the flags on the flagpoles have been swapped.

Unit Balance

All of the units of all three factions have had their health, armor, speed, damage and sight range looked at and revamped. Each faction has units that are equivalent to units in the other factions and - though they will behave differently - they have very similar performance overall.

Unit costs now reflect the factions' designs: NSA units are cheaper, but aren't as durable or fast whereas Terran units tend to be faster, tougher and hit harder but are much more expensive.

The deployables bug has also been fixed by requiring them to "pack up" before being transportable.


I've read a lot of complaints about how powerful infantry were in the original game. In this mod I've attempted to address many of those complaints. Most infantry are slightly quicker now, but they have much less health than before. Players will find that their infantry hold out just fine in cover of a building or forest, but that they're cannon fodder to everything (especially snipers & artillery) out in the open. Finally, all infantry will very slowly regenerate their health over time. Viron infantry - and Viron units in general - regenerate just a bit faster.

Artillery and Shields

Arty now has a longer range but has been toned down a bit in terms of damage. Minimum range has been increased (120 units). Artillery units will also automatically fire at hostile targets in range so be sure to set their stance to hold fire if you want to be specific.

Shield bubbles aren't as effective as they used to be either though. Players beware: You need more than just a couple shield generators to withstand a heavy bombardment.

The support weapons are also set up to fire the faction-appropriate projectiles wherever possible.


The dropship upgrades have been completely revamped in terms of cost and value. Each upgrade is now a set jump up in cost and effectiveness each level. Example: Every additional level of armor costs an extra 250 AP and gives you an extra 10%s over the previous level. Dropships are not able to stay on the battlefield for anywhere near as long as they used to though.

Eye Candy

The UI for the Terrans has been built from scratch based on the original NSA one and features several nice shades of red and orange. There are also custom unit icons for each new unit and secondary mode. A few older units have also had their textures updated a bit to add some colour or match the campaign: The transport helidyne has been reskinned to be a Terran unit in single player, for example.

Three-way Skirmish Battles

There are three versions of the mod: One for each player-controlled combination of two factions. NSA vs Viron, NSA vs Terran, and Terran vs Viron. Each version also includes a skirmish/multiplayer AI that enables the missing third faction. Human players will have to pick two of the factions to play together, but its possible for them to fight with or against units from any of the three factions.

Known Issues

There isn't a particle effect on Terran units being repaired, or a particle effect for the APC shield and engineer area repair. Adding these has been beyond my capabilities but rest assured that aside from the visuals, the units will function exactly as their description says they will.

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