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The whole entire mod will mix together a lot of clothing items, I've done this in an appropriate way, so without further or do here are the features.

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- New reskinned textures for Max: Head, Torso and Legs and feet.

- New feature that will never make Max bald, the cutscenes however are different as they are videos and not real time.

- No beard for Max, Max now has a stubble or light beard throughout some events.

- New custom made Max models, "Flash Back Max" and "John McClane Max.

- Only three models kept untouched: Docks Max, Business Casual Max, oh and Laundry Day Max, two of these are Arcade mode models so I didn't really need to play with them.

- Note: Some bugs that I am aware of can be seen here such as holster or clipping bugs but don't worry they wont ruin your experience.

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