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We were featured in several magazines and sites this week. Part I covers the Spanish-speaking ones!

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Thanks to the release of our gameplay video, The Husher Mansion, we have been covered by numerous magazines and gaming sites. This feature selection will cover those Spanish-speaking ones that have done us the courtesy of informing about us, as they are the most numerous for now. Next part will cover the English-speaking sites!

We want to say thank you to these media and to the people that have commented in these articles, here at IndieDB, or at our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Whether it's a congratulatory comment or one that points out flaws in our game, both types do us a great favor, both in bolstering our motivation and pointing us to areas that could use improvement. Thank you all!

It goes without saying that, as usual, if any non-Spanish speaker wants to know more about what any of these articles are saying, all he/she has to do is contact us!

And here is the list! "Song of Horror, una experiencia de terror desarrollada en España, se presenta en vídeo". "Song of Horror, prometedor juego de terror español". :
"Song of Horror es un prometedor juego de terror desarrollado en España".
Akihabara Blues: "Song of Horror tiene nuevo y prometedor vídeo in-game". "
Song of Horror, de vuelta al Survival Horror clásico". (With interview!) "
Entrevista a Protocol Games, creadores de Song of Horror".
ElRincónDeUrko : "
Song Of Horror, un título español para financiar en Kickstarter". "Song of Horror, la vuelta del terror en tercera persona".
HardGame2: "
Song of Horror presenta en la Mansión Husher en vídeo". "El estudio indie español Protocol Games presenta Song of Horror, su primer videojuego". "
Song of Horror. Terror clásico made in Spain".
Tallon4: "
Song of Horror es puro amor al survival horror y al maestro Lovecraft". "Song of Horror, terror en tercera persona desarrollado en Madrid" "El videojuego de terror Song of Horror nos presenta su primer gameplay".

And, as an extra, a YouTube feature & comment by YouTuber davrix23!

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