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Summary of the HaZardModding Coop Script Mod features.

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Summary of the HaZardModding Coop Script Mod features.

- 3 Class system: Medic, Technician, Heavy Weapon
- Adapts to the most Modifications for the Game
- Auto-player-kick, kicks cheating players or when switching the teams excessively
- Automatic nextmap load and level restart
- Automatic Server reboot
- Automatic Server configuration for all vital settings
- Advanced Audio Menu
- Advanced Main Menu to tune the network settings
- Advanced Server Browser Menu
- Callvote menu to start a vote for a Coop level
- Class depending resistance against enemy attacks
- Class Medic can heal other Players
- Class Technician can build Transporters and give shield to other players
- Class Heavy Weapons can spawn Enhancer Items, give ammo to other players and use all Weapons
- Commendable AI-Team mates
- Communicator Menu, with selectable predefined Text such as orders and notifications
- Compatible to all server types
- Compatible to all official game versions, except the demo
- Dynamic Mission Objective Menu
- Fixing many stock game bugs
- Force Team, all players are forced into the same team to disallow killing parties
- Force Models, only Hazard Team Player-Models are allowed, no player can use enemy Models to confuse other players
- Fully Server Sided, clients do not need to have the mod, they can join in any time
- Hide names of targeted players
- Last Man Standing Modus
- Tricorder Modulations can be restricted to be solved only by Technicians
- More Realistic movement simulation
- Multiplayer compatible AI
- Multiplayer compatible levels (bsp hexed)
- Multiplayer Tricorder Modulation replacement
- Soft-coded via Scripts allows parallel installation on any server, no special coop only server required
- Support for up to 12 players
- Unique player IDs, every player has a own targetname


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