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Listing some features and explaining the Recruitment system.

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• Start date 1330
• 10 factions: K. of England, K. of Scotland, K. of France, County of Flanders, Duchy of Burgundy, Crown of Castile, Crown of Aragon, K. of Navarre, K. of Portugal and Emirate of Granada. Central Europe and Italy to come soon in 2.0!
• 4 Turns per year. Do not rush. Take your time to develop your generals, its worth it!
• New campaign map (~50 settlements)
• New stratmap textures and reworked models
• New UI elements
• Reworked recruitment system. Castles = Military/Feudal centres; Cities = financial/income settelements. Conquer and develop accordingly. Many AOR troops available to anyone who conquers their settlements. Full list: Wales, Ireland, Normandy, Brittany, Gascony, Northern Africa.
• Balanced Campaign and Battlefield experience.
• Tested up to 100 turns, no crashes.

Recruitment System:
There are three types of recruitment zones for any faction:
1) Own historical territories: Feudal Knights and faction-specific units (e.g. Billmen for England and Boulgiers for France etc.)
2) Neutral territories ("small" factions): Welsh longbowmen, Galloglaigh, Breton MAA, Berber Spearmen etc. Full list of such zones: Wales, Ireland, Brittany, Normandy, Gascony, Calatrava and Africa)
3) Enemy territories ("big" playable factions): limited recruitment (no knigths and no faction-specific units). Generic units such as spearmen and crossbowmen are available.

New Traits:
Ruler 1-5 (for faction leaders), Governor 1-10 and General 1-10. Early levels have some negative effects, but become increasingly useful as you level up. Level up Governor by governing wisely (with highest possible tax and happy population) and building. Fight battles (wins are best, losses are ok too) to level up General trait. Ruler trait is attained by engaging in successful diplomacy, staying close to your capital, performing successful spying and assassination missions, and most importantly by destroying other factions.

Generals are more likely to betray. Be careful who you entrust your armies to. Try to get "Feels Appreciated" and similar Loyalty boosting traits by assigning them to important settlements and keeping them busy. Idle generals are more likely to rebel.

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