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A very very very brief summary of happenings in the current build of Frost! Enjoy!

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So, we just wanted to do a quick feature update.

Here is a small list of things we are currently working on:

+Crafting your own tools.

+Find your own food (substance spawn points and spawn tables).

+Hunting & Fishing (use a drill to ice fish or find a flowing river that isn't frozen)

+Building a working greenhouse for farming.

+Building a base or barricade existing structures.

+Collecting ice/snow to thaw for drinking water

+Building your own weapons or find existing weapons.

It's a small list, but A LOT of work for one guy!

The map size is still being worked out but we are thinking it's going to be around 225km Sq. So, fairly big!

As far as multiplayer size, we will begin stress testing for 60 man servers in the next couple of months. If we can get better hosting, we would love to have 100+ player servers.

As always, check back and check back often! You don't want to miss the next update!

-Steve (Alpha Beta Interactive)

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