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The full feature list of Vikingr is listed below. We fully urge you to try out the mod and find all of these, and more, at your pleasure.

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Much work has been done to provide a realistic and historical battlefield upon which you may play.


General Changes & Additions

- Complete overhaul of combat mechanics, ranging from weapon speeds, weight and damage factor.
- Dynamic class limit. No more archer or cavalry overload! Focus is on melee and melee only.
- Crouch. Minimize your exposure to missles in the shield-wall, crouch and find solace in being small.
- Taunt. Cry out at your enemies, taunt them, defame their name with your tongue.
- Rally with the banner! Bannermen provide morale-boost for nearby friendly troops.
- The leader of each faction may produce a rallying horn-blow, increasing the fighting duress of his men.
- Injured horses are slowed down by their wounds and can not keep running full-speed while being close to death.
- High strain, like impaling a charging horse, can break spears in two.

Raid Game Mode
- New 'Raid Mode', unique to Vikingr.
- As the attacking force, you must take the scene by force. Burn the houses, slay the peasants and take the loot.
- As the defending force, it is your job to defend the scene. Stem the flow of the invaders and hold off their vicious assaults.
- Respawn at intervals, on both accounts, to continue in the fray! Defenders have the chance of spawning as defending peasants during their 'death-period'.
- Raiding a church? Monks may be present!
- Raid mode features a host of nice scripty-gadgets and play things, get involved!

Siege Mode

- More earthen and wooden historical defenses, suiting the early medieval setting.
- Focus on storming the gates, rather than the ladders, putting the defenders to the sword.
- Dynamic spawn points.
- Defenders have the option of using crude implements in their defence. Attackers ought watch for boulders and stones!

Items & Equipment

- We are striving to provide each faction with their own unique brand of weapons and armour for the battlefields.
- Diversity is key! Historically accurate and equally beautiful, custom models and textures for your enjoyment.

Environment & Sounds

- With thanks to PolishedLandscapes, we are able to fully and faithfully recreate the cold, brutal and yet beautiful landscapes of Northern Europe. Fight through the woodlands of England, the heatherlands of Northern France, tundra of the Eastern steppe and the rocky lands of Scandinavia.
- Custom weather effects, including drifting fog and looming morning dew.

- Unique taunts for all factions, including the spawned peasants in Raid mode.
- Stirring natural ambience. Take your wargaming to the next level and immerse yourself in the world.
- Localised sounds; babbling streams, creaking trees and falling leaves are but a few of the new sounds to our mod.

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