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real WoW Classes and Spells / real WoW Arenas / real WoW Battlegrounds / real WoW Items / more balanced than real WoW

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You can choose every class you want, and every talent spec you want.
You can fight in all 5 real WoW Arenas, and you can choose to also play the Battlegrounds Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch and Eye of the Storm.
You can buy real WoW items, and you can earn Arena Points to gear up with Arena items.

All classes have been designed to be similar to their real WoW equivalents, while being fun to play and balanced. Love in the detail is one of this map's strengths: Classes like Warriors have 2 stances allowing you to use different skills, Rogues can Stealth / Vanish and get a different skill set, Druids can shapeshift into other forms, Warlocks and Hunters have unique Pets and many more.

This game has been out for 2 years and was constantly updated to achieve the best balance possible. Now that it has reached a really balanced and stable state, and after adding Battlegrounds to get the most fun possible out of the well designed classes, this map has build its own community, growing every day. Visit our Forums at for more information.

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