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List of features for this full conversion of WFaS.

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The main differences from native:

Campaign map, covering England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
Factions - Royalists, Parliamentarians, Scots Covenanters, Catholic Confederates and a short-lived peace party.
New map icons for locations and parties, including animated windmills, artillery trains and watermills.
New armour, uniforms, weapons and equipment added to those appropriate for western europe.
Factions locked in a state of war.
Recruitable artillery, which joins battles as allied cannons under the player's orders, subject to available gunpowder.
Marshalls restricted in areas of operation to reflect historical war theatres.
Pre battle orders for troop deployment and enhanced formations.
Sea travel and simple sea boarding actions.
WFaS storyline quests disabled for a sandbox game.
Revised recruitment systems allowing quicker build up of player party.
New companions and dialogues.
Strategic bridges guarded by local trained bands - factional control.
Faction capitals patrolled by trained bands.
Gunpowder mills and black powder crafting.
Country houses with special recruitment options, family plate requisitions and local revolts.
Revised bandits - Enemy sympathisers, clubmen, border reivers, wild highlanders and torai raiders.
Animated battle flags.
Special units - fighting standard bearers, musicians, preachers and customisable pikement and musketeers.
Internal and external scene make overs.
No tutorial.
Start as a leader, chosing which faction to fight for.
Bridge battles.
Hair remains visible.
Tavern animations.
Animated horses without saddles in town stables.
Death camera.
Revised terrain borders.
Crime and punishment re troop misbehaviour.
No multiplayer.
Windmills - grinding flour from grain and baking bread from flour.
New trade routes and economy.

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