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Change-log for Far Cry 2: Reloaded, the enhancement modification for the game Far Cry 2.

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Version 1.0 (BETA1)

  • Project renamed as Far Cry 2: Reloaded and version numbering reset to 1, editor will be packed with other mods.
  • Added VAMP Mod
  • Added VLM Mod


  • Add additional Score Limit options
  • Add additional Time Limit options
  • Allow Respawn Time to be set for Deathmatch
  • Default game-mode is now Team Deathmatch.
  • Hardcore mode is now enabled by default.
  • Revised progressional ranks and weapon unlocks.
  • Default minimum player count is now 1.
  • Added context to score values.


  • Player classes removed. Replaced with three Weapon Classes; Assualt, Sniper and Heavy.
  • Add Type 63 Mortar to fill specials slot, this gets equipped regardless of class.
  • Add Silenced Shotgun to Assault Category.
  • Add Sawed-Off Shotgun to Secondary Weapons.
  • Add Crossbow to Sniper Category.


  • Added Weapon Crates (Including DLC).
  • Added Ammo Piles and small Ammo Pickups.
  • Added Additional Assets.
  • Fixed the object snaps on certain Assets.
  • Fixed the terrain snaps on certain Assets.
  • Revised Fixed Weapon with sub categories for team.

More details to follow...

VEM Version 1.1 (BETA2)

  • Fixed all missing text strings from added assets and other menu items
  • Separated Woodland from Savannah in all menu's
  • Added new textures, collections and roads
  • Added Woodland Plateau 01 Wilderness
  • Added Woodland Plateau 02 Wilderness
  • Added Woodland Valley Wilderness
  • Added Woodland Waterside Wilderness
  • Added Jungle Waterside Wilderness
  • Revised Savannah Plateau 01 Wilderness
  • Revised Savannah Plateau 02 Wilderness
  • Added sub categories to drivable vehicles category (APR, Neutral, and UFLL)
  • Added sub categories to multiplayer category (APR, Neutral, and UFLL)
  • Added sub categories for each terrain type on the wilderness window
  • Removed the 'signs' category (made redundant by above changes)
  • Moved the 'lighting' category as a sub category of 'Utilities'

VEM Version 1.0 (BETA1)

  • Packaged for use with JSGME.exe
  • Added modified toc.rml to allow dlc in editor (credit: "razorfinnish")
  • Added Utility Truck and ATV.
  • Upgraded mod to BETA status.
  • Changed the internal project name to "Vetron's FC2 Editor Mod".

VEM Version 0.9 (ALPHA7)

  • Attempt to get DLC in editor unsuccesful
  • Added several new assets to wrecks, shanty and urban.

VEM Version 0.8 (ALPHA6)

  • Added the 'Big Truck Tanker'.
  • Added several Shanty Town and Urban Building Assets.
  • Added additional non-drivable wrecks.

VEM Version 0.7 (ALPHA5)

  • Added Variants of the Assault Truck.
  • Added the 'Big Truck'.

VEM Version 0.5 (ALPHA4)

  • Added "Animals" Category with correct name, sub directory of natural.
  • Added 8 Animal Assets
  • Moved 'Birds' from detailed to new animals category.
  • Fixed a 'car' sharing the same entity name and thus thumbnail being incorrect.

VEM Version 0.3 (ALPHA3)

  • Removed bugged 'taxi' version of Jeep Wrangler.

VEM Version 0.2 (ALPHA2)

  • Added variates of several vehicles including the Jeep Liberty, Jeep Wrangler and 'Car'.

VEM Version 0.1 (ALPHA1)

  • Added additional Jeep Liberty vehicle color scheme.
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