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How do I run the game?

First, extract the zip file into a new folder. Then, run gzdoom.exe and choose a mod from the list. The pk3 files need to be in a place discoverable by GZDoom, such as the same directory.

Do you need the GZDoom binaries bundled with the mod?

No. I have only bundled them for convenience, there are no alterations to the source code and the mod standalone.

How can I make the game look more like the original versions?

Go to the Features menu, and change the preset to Vanilla or Vanilla Enhanced.

That's not vanilla enough for me, how can I disable the PBR textures, upscaled textures, etc.?

Go to the mod's main page in ModDB and expand the "Read More" section or look inside the README file. Inside is a guide on how to disable the addons and what each pk3 contains.

There's too many settings in the Features menu, what do each one of them mean?

I suggest you choose one of the existing presets and go from there if you want additional tweaks.

Why am I not seeing any changes ingame after changing settings in the Features menu?

Most require reloading the level to take effect. You'll need to complete the current level or restart the game.

What's the need of having a flashlight, dedicated punch button or weapon wheel?

Some players might find them useful. If you don't like them, don't use them or unbind them. The game plays fine without them.

The levels are too dark, how can I increase brightness?

In PSX DOOM, try enabling Software Lighting in the Features menu. In DOOM 64, try increasing the Ambient Light Brightness to 100 and reload the level. You can also tweak the Gamma and Contrast in Features > Graphics > Level Brightness Correction.

How can I increase the UI size?

GZDoom sets the default UI scale to match your current resolution. If you wish to enlarge it, go to Options > Scaling Options and change the User Interface Scale.

The wrong music is playing. How can I change it?

In the Features menu, go to Audio Features and change the Music Type.

  • Choosing Computer will only play the PC tracks.
  • Choosing Console will only play the ambient tracks.
  • If Play Both Music Styles is enabled, the Computer track will play for Minimum Seconds Playing Before Music Changes and then fade to the Console track.

What are the differences between the two new difficulties?

  • Nightmare/Hardcore is just UV Fast with 50% more ammo.
  • Ultra-Nightmare/Doomslayer tweaks damage and health values to make the game harder. This difficulty comes from DOOM 64: Retribution.

What levels are included?

DOOM, DOOM 2, SIGIL, No Rest for the Living, Master Levels, TNT: Evilution, The Plutonia Experiment, DOOM 64, The Absolution Levels, The Outcast Levels, Redemption Denied, The Reckoning, The Lost Levels and some bonus maps.

What is that red triangle that appears on screen from time to time?

It's the indicator that shows from which direction you took damage. You can disable it in Features > Interface Features > Damage Direction Indicator.

What is that heartbeat sound that appears from time to time?

It's the sound the plays to alert that you're running low on health. You can disable it in Features > Interface Features > Low Health Indicator and Low Health Sound Effect.

The mod runs too slow, or doesn't run at all. Is there anything I can do?

If it's too much for your computer, try running with the Vanilla preset and all addons removed. If you are unable to run the mod, you could try this experimental build of GZDoom: GLES GZDoom, but it might be unstable and some effects could not work.

Is this mod compatible with *****?

Should be, but I haven't tested it.

Is this multiplayer compatible?

Yes, but using GZDoom's peer-to-peer support (Wiki). All maps support coop, but the DOOM 64 levels may have some progression bugs with more than one player.

What third-party tools were used to create the assets?

I used Substance Alchemist for the PBR textures and ESRGAN (multiple models) for the upscales. To create the smooth DOOM 64 animations, I used DAIN. The soundfont used to record the arranged computer music is a custom one that contains samples from many others.

Why are the SIGIL levels the same as the original game?

I did not have time to alter the SIGIL maps to approximate them to how they would look in the PSX. In their current form, they only have colored lighting, reverbs and one or two changed monsters.

How did you port the DOOM 64 levels?

I built my own toolchain. First, a tool that parses the original map data and converts it to UDMF compatible with DZDoom. I then ported or copied as much as I could from DZDoom to ZScript, ACS and custom shaders in this mod. Finally I wrote some additional ZScript scripts to post-process the maps and have them in a working state.

Since not everything is possible in GZDoom, the biggest challenges were:

  • Creating custom textures for all the flipped textures and switch overlays. I had to create a TEXTURES lump for them.
  • Approximate the line/sector special behavior and speed to match DOOM 64 and not DOOM 2.
  • Supporting additive flashes without editing the maps. The current implementation is very hacky and not very faithful.
  • I had to break the “do not modify any map” rule to add skyboxes and composite textures like in Retribution.
  • Making everything fit using DOOM 64: Retribution as a base. It clearly wasn't intended for this and many approaches could have worked more naturally if I had used a cleaner base. Many additional workarounds had to be taken, for example, to support the 3D floors it adds. In the end it was worth it, because I really like some of the modifications Retribution applies.

How did you add gradient lighting to DOOM 64: Retribution?

The goal was to add it without touching the maps included in the WAD.

My first attempt was parsing the original map data using ZScript and applying the gradient data sector by sector using a LevelPostProcessor. This worked terribly, because Retribution has changed many sector and line indexes so they no longer match with the original maps. It also added many additional ones.

To make it work, I had to develop an external tool that would heuristically match the original map data with Retribution's map data (by line length, angle, etc), and produce lumps that have matching indices with Retribution's maps, which are then processed by the ZScript described in the last paragraph. Those are the ones that are bundled in the mod.

How can I access the DOOM 64 "Fun" maps?

You need to beat the secret level Hectic to unlock the Bonus Fun Maps episode.

What's the difference between this and the Console Doom Enhanced mod?

It's the same mod, kind of. I decided to rebrand it after a year of work and many things were added and fixed. That mod has now been discontinued and I encourage you to use this instead.

What is the meaning of CE in the title?

There is no specific meaning, but here are some ideas: Custom Edition, Console Edition, Compilation Edition, Console Enhanced, etc.

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