F.A.Q of The Great War

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Q) I put the client, the card here, but npc and mods disappeared!
A) You forgot to clean the client from roaming and incidentally my and your stuck together and of course you defiled and your and my client

Q) I put the client, but the launcher was gone!
A) Or you simply didn't notice it or your antivirus blocked it so better for you to switch off an antivirus

Q) May I to you help?
A) No, I take only those whom I know

Q) I am youtuber, on how many minutes the project is calculated?
A) For hour or two hours so you should divide letsplay in parts

Q) What version?
A) 1 5 2

Q) I have hieroglyphs!
A) Most likely you started Main not from my launcher.

Q) On how many the person the map is calculated?
A) From 1 to 4

Q) I am youtuber. When I shot the map, music very loud and me because of it isn't audible!
A) Simply lower music loudness in settings for 10% and yes, then music again loud will become, you again in settings put at first 9% then 10%

Q) WTF!? When me killed I appeared right at the beginning!!!
A) It is such unrecoverable bug with chekpoint so you should register command "spawnpoint"

Q) I have other questions
A) Then lets go in Skype - sk909999

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