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Frequent Asked Questions,

Q: How is the team looking? Who develops Bellum Imperii?
A: Bellum Imperii is being developed in terms of getting the pieces together and editing the files accordingly by myself alone, with the assistance of individuals with some spare time from time to time. The majority of the mod is however thanks to brilliant modders in the community that released their work, or allowed it to be used. As can be seen in the credit list. One could see it as lazy development, I rather see it as another way to getting a Roman modification in this setting up and running for the community to be playable. As there is no other that covers this time-frame and on this scale.

Q: How is Bellum Imperii's look on Historical accuracy?
A: Bellum Imperii aims to find a balance between gameplay and the historical background involved with it. Locations, characters, background stories and scenes will be as much historical orientated as possible. While equipment and all other aspects of the modification will be more to improve the gameplay. Due to several reasons. There's thus always a chance that some stuff can be historical inaccurate even while I'm aware of it.

Q: I have errors!?! Help mee!!!!? What to do?
A: Bellum Imperii is out it's Alpha stages however, because of the massive size of the mod, Bugs and glitches can still be expected, some are more game breaking then the others. When you encounter a bug/error report it either here on Moddb, Talewords or the steam workshop so I can make work of it. If you don't do this I won't know about this and I won't be enable to fix it.

Q; My game freezes when entering town scenes, why?
A: Some scenes can be to demanding for certain systems, Rome for example. The only way to get passed this if you really feel like taking a look is to lower your overall graphics and maybe even use Direct7

Q: I got a runtime error, what does this mean?
A: A runtime error normally is caused by a lack of memory. When your system lacks the memory to run the mod it will close down with that runtime error. In order to get passed this, either lower your graphical settings or find another way to make more memory available.

Q: The campaign map really feels empty, I barely encounter any bandits?
A: Currently I'm still toying around with the possibilities to increase the amount of bandit parties and their spawn locations. Although I thought to have increased it, it still seems far from enough. Expect a far more growed map in the future and fell assured it's being worked on.

- Some quickies

Q: When will naval warfare get a overhaul?
A: When the time is right.

Q: Can we expect more factions in the future?
A: Not at this moment.


Please tell me can i kill enemy lords in this game? e-mail me at

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Will we be able to create our own faction?
Could we have our own custom unit tree?

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