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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and a beginner's guide.

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The Beginner's Guide - FAQ section in-game has been entirely rewritten and corrected today, Dec 23, 2010.

What raw materials are there?

The main raw materials are alloy (of various metals), crystals and deuterium. These are needed for buildings, base defences, research, shipbuilding and engineering. The power lets your mines function at 100% capability. If you produce less power than you need, the efficacy of mines is reduced.

What is the green-coloured number under the raw materials?

This number indicates the size of your raw resource storage.

What is dark energy and what do I need it for?

The dark energy is a special raw material which is not produced by any mines. With this raw material you recruit experts such as Geologist and receive additional bonuses - via the Dark Energy Store.
Furthermore you need dark energy for the marketplace (DE Store) to buy various other temporary bonuses. Also you can transform your resources (from one to another) using 750 dark energy points in Trader section.

You can gather dark energy points in two ways:
1) In the Galaxy view, go to "the vastness of the universe" and explore it with your fleet. Note that you can lose some of entire fleet during the exploration.
2 If you have a moon, you can collect dark energy from it using Intergalactic Darkmatter Collector ship. The ship destroys itself after the completion of the mission.

Where can I expand my mines?

You can upgrade your mines in Buildings section. You can build up to 5 buildings in a row and if you don't have enough resources for a building, the entire building row (construction of other buildings in a queue) is stopped.

What purpose does building deconstruction serve?

Every planet has limited number of fields on which you can construct particular building levels. One level of a building takes exactly 1 planet field. If you get more advanced during the course of the game, you can start to lack free fields to construct various buildings. Thanks to deconstruction option, you can deconstruct some of your buildings, receive free fields back, and build other ones.

Where can I see how much mines produce resources?

You can see it in Resources section.

What Technology menu item is for?

The Technology section lists all available in-game buildings, ships, base defences, technologies and officers.

Which function does the Combat Simulator fulfill?

It's for you to get an insight into the combat system and outcome of possible fights.

What is Galaxy view?

It shows you other planets in a particular galaxy and planet system. From there you can send fleet for attacks, send your ships for exploration missions into the vastness of the universe, or colonise free non-occupied planets.

Somebody attacks my planets, how can I protect them?/

The most important thing is to keep yourself calm.

See how much time you have until the attack begins.

You have the following options:
1) Secure your resources by sending transporters with resources out of the attacked planet
2) Prepare your fleet and base defences to fight
3) Prepare your fleet, send it elsewhere to avoid the attack, then build it up more and then fight future attacks
4) Team up with your friends to either protect your planet or counter-attack assaulter's planet
5) Use up your resources by spending them on research and buildings

I would like to have more colonies/planets, how?

You need a particular ship that is called Colony Ship. Then simply go to Galaxy view, find a free non-occupied planet, and send your colony ship to colonise it. You also need some transporters to get more resources to your new colony.

The number of planets that you can have is restricted to 9. However, each 2 levels of Astrophysics technology lets you colonise an additional planet.

Are there different planets?

Yes. The position of a planet in the system plays a very important role. Though you can't see it, the position 0 is taken by a sun/star of the given system. The farther the planet lies from the sun (position 0), the colder it is. The colder the planet is, the more deuterium it produces and gathers less solar energy through solar satellites.

Different planets

What does Newbie Protection mean and how does it work?

The Newbie Protection was introduced to give new players a chance to play without too many problems. One under the newbie protection here can be still attacked by somebody who has 5 times more points, i.e. somebody who has 100 points can attack a player with 20 points or a player with 500 points as long as both players have fewer points than the number of Newbie Protection Points.

What is Vacation Mode in Options section?

The vacation mode protects your planets from being attacked. However, your mines don't produce anything when the account is set on the vacation mode. After setting the vacation mode on, you can't log in for at least 48 hours. So to use your account again, you'll need to wait at least 48 hours.

Is my account deleted if I'm not active?

Your account is deleted automatically if you have not logged in for 30 days. You can delete it also manually in Options section and after 7 days your account is deleted from the server.

Your name gets smaller after 7 days without logging in. After 28 days you'll get a letter I.

I have a problem, what should I do?

You can send a support ticket (message) to one of the admins in Help - Support Ticket section. For questions and suggestions about the game, you can use forums.

Somebody claims to be an admin, what should I do?

First, nobody of admins should bother you. You can communicate with admins only through support tickets and forums. Second, nobody of admins would ask you for your password or anything similar. You should inform the administration of the game via support tickets if you suspect somebody is trying to figure out your password or is asking for it.

Can e.g. siblings play from one computer (IP)?

Yes they can, but they'll need to explain the situation via a support ticket.

Rules of two accounts from one IP:
1) No resources can be exchanged at all
2) Joined attacks of one player are forbidden
3) Being members of the same alliance is prohibited

Such things are checked by admins and if one of these rules is breached, one of the two accounts can be deleted without a warning, resources transferred or looted taken, and attacked players recompensed.

Do you have any questions? You can send us a support ticket or post a message on forums!

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