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With a few special settings for higher purpose, TSW is not a friendly and smooth mod for a new character in Normal difficulty. Although I have mentioned these facts in readme file, many players are not aware of them before they try to challenge. TSW is very different from vanilla D2, because it makes plenty of fundamental and vital changes. If you are interested in TSW, please read this post for mental preparation. Don't waste your time on what you can't accept.

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After creating a new character, you will encounter two obvious problems in Normal difficulty. I used to explain them briefly in several replies to player comments, and now I decide to make an individual detailed post to clarify those frequently-asked questions in advance.

  • Drastic Stamina Drain

Except skill bonus, stamina increases with attribute point in vitality and character level-up, and in official setting you never run out of it when your character is near level 20. Ironically enough, stamina and its supply or modifier become completely worthless just in the beginning. The basic fix in TSW is to amplify draining. Limited running keeps walking still an option of moving and makes stamina recovery much more important, even for a high level character with hundreds of stamina.

Compared with vanilla D2, it's annoying indeed that a new character needs lots of stamina potions, or you have to walk or rest very often to recover stamina, but this problem will be gradually eased on your way of leveling. You will meet more and more tougher enemies, spending more and more time on fighting, buying instead of traveling. Also, items for slower stamina drain or heal stamina plus are very helpful. As a limit on running, stamina in vanilla D2 is a joke, but in TSW it really matters how you move. It's always something you must pay attention to and deal with.

  • Broken Monster Skills

In TSW many monsters cast character skills, but even at level 1, these skill damages are too high in Normal difficulty, particularly Act 1. To prevent new characters from unreasonable instant kill, I disable monster skills in Normal difficulty where skill-casting monsters, including act bosses, can't do their primary attacks. When new characters can defeat Normal difficulty, they are supposed to be strong enough to resist higher damage, and thus monster skills work normally in Nightmare/Hell difficulty to provide intended challenge.

I hope to offer flawless game experience for new characters at early stage, but it's a hard decision to make such a weird monster skill setting. TSW can't be a challenging world for full-fledged heroes without enhanced monsters using various character skills. To be honest, Normal difficulty does not count. The truth is that most players, after first finish of the game, continue their journey on higher difficulty for faster level-up and better loot. Since Hell difficulty is the very core of this mod, it makes sense to give up reworking Normal difficulty which simply serves as a transitional period.

  • Conclusion

Despite years of development, TSW fails to perfectly fix all issues and balance all aspects throughout three difficulty levels. It is a mod of enhancement with defect. Until now I have been looking for new solutions to all the problems, but I'm not sure if I have enough time and ability for future update. TSW is an end-game challenge after Hell difficulty for old characters, and currently I'm sorry I can't give new characters a pleasing and optimized Normal difficulty. Actually in Nightmare/Hell difficulty, insane stamina drain and fake monster skills are no way real problems for new characters, so don't take Normal difficulty seriously and keep going. Things will be getting better. If you stop halfway, you can't see the best part not far away.

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