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Separate notes from Fallout 3: Outbreak These notes explain what has happened in Outbreak.

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August 9, 2267

Jacob was in the woods hunting
the dogs this morning. He said they were acting strange. They were more violent
than usual. One manages to get a hold of his arm. He's in stable condition, but
the dog completely shattered his forearm.

August 10, 2267

I was searching the woods for a
lost child's toy all day. Found it ripped to shreds in the far path. I thought
it was best not tell the kid. I'll just have someone make another one tomorrow.
More dogs tried to attack me. I brought my saw with me since seeing Jacob in
the condition he's in. I was blind-sided as another managed to bite my
shoulder. Nothing deep but it hurts like hell. I made quick work of them in no
time. I better close off the woods till we figure out what's making the dogs so

August 11, 2267

Went to deliver the toy this
morning for the child. She was nowhere to be found. They had thought she'd gone
to play in the woods. I started an armed search party for the child knowing how
violent the animals have gotten. God I nothing horrible has happened.

August 12, 2267

We searched everywhere through
the night all the while fighting off the dogs. There was a campfire near the
path by the towering mansion we were suppose to stay away from. Someone had
apparently lived here. I will have to pay another visit later. Dog prints were
everywhere but no sign of the child. Maybe she's....No I can't think like that.

August 13, 2267

Jacob killed our only medic while
we were gone. He was running about in a blind rage when we returned to the
village. He apparently ripped out her throat. He charge after us and bit
Jerry's arm as he fought him off. We had to subdue him and tie him down to the
bed. What the hell is going on around here?

August 14, 2267

I've feeling delirious as of
late. The wound healing well but I was in no condition to even attend the
burial of... I can't even remember names.

The child is still missing and
more people are getting hurt every day.

I need more rest skin is burning

Auust 15 2

Jerry came to my place a few
minute's ago. Didn't like ugly face so killed him. Saw him up to bits...

Were little Girl?

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