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This is some features of TLK, including a list of faction, a picture of the campaign map and a preview of a few buildings of the mod.

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Factions and Cultures of The Last Kingdom :

Viking culture:

  • Kingdom of Denmark
  • Jarldom of Hordaland
  • Jarldom of Vestfold
  • Norman clans (early Norman - mixed Norse settlers, from 911)

Anglo-Saxon culture:

  • Kingdom of Wessex
  • Kingdom of Mercia
  • Kingdom of East Anglia
  • Kingdom of Northumbria

Gaelic culture:

  • Kingdom of Connacht
  • Kingdom of Munster

Celtic culture:

  • Kingdom of Gwynedd
  • Kingdom of Alba

Carolingian culture:

  • East Frankish Empire

Norman (late) culture:

  • Duchy of Normandy (late Norman - Late period, approx. 1000)

Map of The Last Kingdom (120 regions) :

Some buildings of the mod :


I think this mod is brilliant. Its a great prequel campaign to the main campaign.

Could the map and lands be taken from the two campaigns BRTTANNIA and TEUTONIC campaigns (western or N. western part of Teutonic). As Britain seems so much bigger than in The Last Kingdom.

These lands could then be stuck together to make a much bigger map area. Minor alterations would need to be done. Also you could fill in the extra land with Hamlets, Villages and possibly more Towns of historical accuracy of course.

The lands of Iceland, Normandy and the Franks would need to be made larger to fit with the new lands. Unless someone can find these lands elsewhere. You could also add in the Channel islands (west of Normandy, north of Brittany).

I believe this would give this already great campaign an even better playability. This could also be an optional upgrade so people have a choice.

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I was thinking they could add some missing Baltic and Slavic factions (if we go with increasing the map size), as well as adding the missing Celtic Kingdoms of Dunmonia (Cornwall) and Strathclyde (Cumbria) to the Great Britain landmass.

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Is there a d/l link?

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And Vinland? America?

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