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Faction Lists and Unit Rosters, Work in Progress...

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=Mod Development will be slow while I work on but I'll work on the regions/terrain/indian and mormon factions/adding major generals and governors/and unit balancing next

=New features like a simple supply system, historically the desertion rate in the Union and Confederacy so keep a general with your marching armies, disease outbreak and famine system planned


The Ute and French Invasion are also planned Factions

=New Units
-Irish Regiment, good morale and devastating at close range
-Lancer Cavalry, a rare but fearful sight in the early civil war
-Indian Auxillary Cavalry, excellent scouts used by the south and north
-Knights of the Golden Circle Cavalry, Rare but elite confederate cavalry
-Nauvoo Legion, High morale Mormon Militia
-Confederate Pikemen, unused in the war but thousands of pikes were produced by the south
Other ethnic regiments like French/German/Hungarian/Italian volunteers for the North. And rarer ones for the less diverse south like the Irish fighting Tigers or New Orleans
-'Buffalo Soldiers', Post-War Black Union Cavalry
-Ironclad war ships

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