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A terrorist organization led by the mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion: Remilia Scarlet, a vampire. Their purpose is to hoard all of the golden rice plants across Gensoukyo for themselves and, primarily, the mistress.

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It all started with the head chief of all maids, Sakuya Izayoi, discovering the plants growing in the gardens. She also found all of the other plants tainted with abnormal colors in which she decided that they are now inedible. She then decided to make porridge out of the rice she found and served it to Remilia without her questioning about the food. When she finished off the porridge, she decided to go out for a stroll. Remilia forgot to bring her parasol with her but once she was outside, her skin did not burn away like any vampire normally would.

The librarian of the mansion and Remilias' best friend, Patchouli Knowledge, explained that the rice contained numerous substances that caused Remilia's skin to gain all sorts of nutrients that she couldn't normally get, nullifying all of the weakness that a regular vampire has. However, the effects were temporary and so she had to consume the rice on a daily basis in order for her to go outside without trouble everyday.

On the night before the Kappas' invasion, Remilia thought up a devious plan to get all of the rice all over Gensoukyo so that she can freely go outside without getting burned forever. She rounded up all of her employees and Patchouli to the courtyard where she announced that they will form an organization, take all of the plants in Gensoukyo and oppress all who stands in their way. After one of her maid fairy reported sightings of an army of Kappas heading towards the Human Village on the next day, Remilia smirked; It was the perfect time to strike. She led her forces towards the village, predicting that both the Kappas and the Humans will exhaust themselves from their conflict and become helpless against her forces.

Teams and their unique abilities:
- Scarlet Devil Mansion:
The mansion's only gate guard, Hong Meiling, acts as a third commando, and protects the mansion with her own fists that can whip away any trespassers quickly with ease. However, she can never outmatch ranged barrages from the invaders.

- Palace of the Earth Spirits or Chireiden:
Allied with Remilia as her way of gratitude for saving her palace from the Kappas during the war. Their own mistress: Satori Komeiji, a mind reader, can send one her most prized animals: bears or War Bears as humans call them. Raised by Satori since they were cubs, they are very tough and uses razor sharp claws that can annihilate any infantry and tear through the thick armors of vehicles and buildings with ease, but suffers from their moderately poor agility and speed.

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