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Introducing a new playable faction: the Kingdom of Dai Viet. The Vietnamese lack the heavy armour of the Chinese and aren't as specialized towards light infantry as other Southeast Asian factions, but strike a balance between the two. While their war elephants are below average, they are still one of the few factions that can field them and they have the best cavalry in Southeast Asia.

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Melee Infantry

Town Watchmen:

Thương Thủ ("Spearmen"):

Cấm Quân ("Imperial Guard"):

Câu Liêm Binh ("Pikemen"):

Bộ Binh ("Infantry"):

Dũng Nghĩa Binh ("Brave & Righteous Men"):

Missile Infantry

Levied Hunters:

Cung Thủ ("Archers"):

Urban Militia:

Nỏ Thủ ("Crossbowmen"):

Người Thượng ("Highlanders"):

---Still a work in progress---

Hand Gunners:

Lính Ngự Lâm ("Musketeers"):


Melee Cavalry

Kỵ Binh ("Cavalry"):

Thiết Kỵ Binh ("Armoured Cavalry"):

General's Bodyguard:

Missile Cavalry

Xạ Kỵ Binh ("Bow Cavalry"):

Tượng Binh ("War Elephants"):

Artillery Crew:

The Vietnamese will have access to ballistae, trebuchets, bombards, mortars, and "Red Barbarian" cannons.

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