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This Article will look at the faction background, units, settlements and Characters.

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The Aldmeri Dominion are a faction consisting of Elves (Bosmer and Altmer) and Khajiit (Cat people). It is a powerful empire established by the Thalmor who are nationalist Altmer. The Altmer originate from the Summerset Isles, the Bosmer from Valenwood and the Khajiit from Elswyr. They believe them selves to be superior to men. They fought a long war with men and both sides finally came to a cease fire over the signing of The White-Gold Concordat. This banned the worship of Talos. This then lead to the stormcloak rebellion.

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Hvitkald Peak, Abandoned Lodge


Ancarion (Leader)


Elven Hunters
Elven Maces
Elven Scouts
Elven Archers
Elven Axes
Malachite Cavalry
Bosmer Archers
Elven Heavy Sergeants
Bosmer Horse Archers
Khajiit Archers
Elven Long Swords
Khajiit Desert Riders
Khajiit Javelin Throwers
Elven War Hammers
Ash Cavalry
Malachite Archers
Elven Guards
Thalmor Justicar
Elven Sergeants
Ash Archers
Elven Veterans
Elven Vanguards
Elven Militia
Elven Recruits
Elven Soldiers
Malachite Axes
Malachite Maces
Malachite Sergeants
Malachite Heavy Sergeants
Malachite Long Swords
Malachite War Hammers
Malachite Vanguards
Malachite Soldier
Malachite Recruits
Ash Infantry

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