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A diet of treasonous and ambitious Imps for you to take care of

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For players of the Galactic Empire in the GCW Campaign, they will be hit with various side missions and obstacles to distract them and prevent them from steamrolling the Rebels and Underworld. You will find I will implement many different ways of nerfing the Empire. One such method is Imperial Traitors, individuals and coup attempts from within. Its very simple really, they are but missions that have you kill certain individuals. They are:

  • The Sa Cuis Incursion: (Era I)
    • The rogue Emperor's Hand Shevan and Sa Cuis, along with a detatchment of Imperial Commandos and force sensitive stormtroopers, hiding out on Yinchorr after attempting to overthrow the Emperor
  • The Anti-Sith Conspiracy: (Era IV)
    • Grand Moff Trachta, Coy, and Bartam with a small army have made an attempt to assassinate the Emperor and his force sensitive devotees. Battle them within the Imperial Palace and above Imperial Center and defend our Magocracy
  • The Zaarin Insurrection: (Era V)
    • Grand Admiral Zaarin and Emperor's Hand Arden Lyn, along with a formidable navy, have attempted to kidnap the Emperor, and our vengeance must be swift
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